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if you are still interested add me on Discord X Æ A-Xii#7839 i already have 2 other members

i think you may have misunderstood, i am looking for a 2d artist, my bad

yes, i already have 2 other team members, are you interested?

Self explanatory if you are interested DM at X Æ A-Xii#7839on Discord

Please accept the friend request so i am able to dm you

I am unable to friend on Discord as you are not accepting friend requests, just add me me instead @X Æ A-Xii#7839

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Im new to game dev, i cant really do much, i can code but im not really too experienced in it. If anyone is interested id be really grateful. I work in Unity and mainly make 3d projects but am also willing to make 2d projects too. Edit: 2d

Speedrun bois

Hawk is gonna have a game on steam released on the 11th, its his game, "Spacky's Nightshift" if you wanna check it out.

Hawksandwich is the publisher

game was updated alot

found a few glitches/exploits, will make video on them soon, also is wave 16 a good record? (yes i posted this on the gamejolt page don't @ me)


this isnt a bug its simply you forgot to add a new instrument may i suggest this full tutorial to explain everything bosca ceoil has to offer 

idk I just wanna know

idk I just wanna know