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Sorry about that! The game isn't released yet, that's why I haven't made it shown up in the tags, I made the page for testing purposes at the moment. Thank you for your interest in the game, I'll make it public later this month along with the release of the demo. Hope you will check it out!

Hey, I worked on this project and I kept in touch with the creator until sometimes after her incident, I can confirm that she hasn't been online for a long time (since 7 months ago) so it's highly possible she has encountered real life difficulty. 

the viet rep bless u

Hi there! I know this is not said enough but I love your games! The first one I played was Hierofania and it was at the urging of my friend but I fell in love with your writing and continued to play your other titles. 

Not only you have a captivating and unique art style, I also love your writing, you always kept the story very engaging and interesting! I absolutely adored the soundtrack too, it's always one of the first reasons which make me wanted to the game. 

Thank you for your hard work in creating such beautiful games and I hope you will continue to make even more in the future, your games always give me pleasant memories to return to whenever I revisit them.