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Thanks for replying but even when i refresh the page the + sign doesn't shows up and the doc file doesn't have any help about it. I hope the community help me somehow.

I recently started using Bitsy and now i can't find the + sign to create new sprite or whatever. Can anyone tell me why?

Nice effect you got there and the graphics are pretty good but there's no win though lol but i love the art of it. Good job!

I like the ideal concept of the game and the graphics were pretty good.

I liked the concept of it but i didn't really enjoyed it though. But the  Game's good.

I really enjoyed playing it, the fighting animation and the enemies were pretty good but the last mission was a bit tough and i still don't know what the chocolate was used for and was the kerosene tend to burn everything up? Overall the game was pretty good :)

I really enjoyed playing it but when the population was 15 it was really hard to poison there cus they were moving all around. Overall the game was pretty good. Good Job!

Really good game, well polished and very artistic. Enjoyed playing it.

The game was really good and theme too but, the mouse was too sensitive and there were too many objects on it which causes lag and yeah when you go backwards there is a never ending falling bug. Overall the game was good.