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Hey guys! Both Dev Morphosky and I have been quite sick this week (I have bronchitis! woohoo!) but we both are slowly but surely getting better. It has slowed down progress on the game though, so no big update this week, but we're still working hard on the game, don't worry!


-Dev Usagi


Hello all! Dev Usagi at @vanilla_buns here.

My friend Morphosky (at @auntmorphriska) and I are currently working on a game called A Twist of Fate!

Your name is Alistair, a travelling merchant heading to a neighbouring country for business. Before crossing the border, you decide to make a one-day stop in a northern town where you briefly used to live as a kid. Oh boy, you really can't wait to reunite with your old friends and talk about the good old days, when your biggest worries were which games were you going to play and how to stay out of trouble.

Too bad that mere hours after your arrival, one of your old friends is accused of witchcraft and put into jail.

And her friends won't let you leave without helping her first.

Oh and your horse is hurt, so unless you make some money poof out of thin air to buy a new one, you can't really leave the town either way.

Looks like this stop is going to last longer than a day after all.

So far we have profiles and background stories written for all the characters, as well as all the major plot points for the game figured out. The 3 main characters have also been designed and named and their sprite work is underway!

The final game will have:

  • at least 1 hour of gameplay
  • 3 romancable characters
  • (at least) 4 endings

and hopefully a few surprising plot twists!

But wait that's not all, we got some art to show too! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? (all works in progress, but still!!)

Meet Jolanta, the unlikely heroine:


Her friend Myriam, the cool beauty working as a maid for the local lord:


As well as their friend Kenneth, the guard with a fiery temper:


Please look forward to our next updates! The actual text in the game isn't as silly as this post might let on, I promise.

Have a nice day!

-Dev Usagi

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So. On the 14th I was working on the same and then my computer blue screen crashed and I couldn't get it working all night. That's one thing. And then last night I went out bc earlier this week I thought I would be almost done and bc I didn't forsee what happened on the 14th, so I'm going to update twice today.

First, more sketches from Morphosky

and I'm really proud to introduce you to our lovely protagonist, the Dude!

Isn't he adorable??

I'll be working on the game all day since it's crunch time and morphosky is working really hard too to finish everything in time, so wish us luck!

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January 13th: wrote at least 50% of the text for the game. Yep. It's probably not that good and needs to be edited a lot but damn! That's a lot more than when the evening started. Good job me.

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January 12: programmed half the commands in Quest, still trying to make the interface and the overall thing look better. Also did more writing for the game.

(if times or days may seem off it's because I live in Japan and there's a 14h difference between here and NY so yeah)

Today, january 11th, I completed the list of choices the players will be able to make, did more sketches for the artist and worked a lot on the writing and dialogue for the game. I sent the (almost) final list of assets to the artist as well. Things are going good! I just hope things keep going good after I go back to work tomorrow.

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Overview :

Good Morning, World! is a simple game about A Very Optimistic Dude getting up early and enjoying his morning before going to work. It's a gamebook developed in Quest. Since most of the screens will have visuals, it might actually look a bit like an interactive comic, except there's not just one way to go through your morning. I want the players to get to know the Dude and convey a lot about his personality and life through the visuals and some clues in the text, even if it's written in the 2nd person. It's meant to be a simple, funny short project.

Art style :

Since we are short on time, the art style of the game needs to remain simple. I'd like most of the colours to be cold (pale grey, pale blue, white, beige) and have the interactibles stand out of the environment using vibrant, warm colours like red and orange.


Most of the assets are going to be done by my friend Morphosky! I might also do a few things here and there since I don't want to overwork her. Otherwise, I will be in charge of the writing and putting the game together in Quest.

Goals :

Since I was actually out of the country on vacation when the jam started, my artist and I don't have a lot of time to get this thing done in time to meet the deadline. I don't want the game to be too big or too ambitious.

For submission I'd like to have:

- A 10-minute long gamebook (if you take the time to actually read the text of course)

- Visuals for most of the screens, even if there are going to be lots of repeats.

Dev logs:

From January 2nd to 7th: brainstormed while I was out of the country and did some thumbnailing and sketching for the game while I was abroad.

January 8th: more brainstorming.

January 9th: Started making the game in Quest, started writing the actual script, wrote a first version of the asset lists, did more sketches and sent them to my artist and wrote this post.

January 10th: Wrote half the script and gave feedback on sketches from Morphosky.