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Hello people!

My name is Daniel and I'm a graphic designer and illutrator form Brazil! I've always had a inclination towards programing and I'm trying to learn as fast as I can and as my daily job allows me so I can submit something for this Jam!

I'm also a Godot n00b as I only found out about it on GDQuest video in the middle of december:


Hi! I just noticed that the game "Mystery Dorm II" says in it's own itch.io page that it was made on RPG Maker MV. You can notice the game has been submitted to a lot of jams, so the creator musta have simply submitted it to every open jam he could without caring to read what each jam was about.

I tried to find someway to report the game, or send a private message to the Jam's Hosts, but I couldn't find how to do it as I just joined itch.io to try to participate on this jam (though I'm really ejoying itch more and more as I get to kmnow it)! So I came here! Is there another place that's better for this?

How do you reload weapons? Picking new ones doesn't seem to do anything to the ammo count.