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Thanks, that was the hint I needed to get to the end. I will repeat, this is a fantastic entry. It's a little short and the combat is pretty simple, but the overall effect is great. The art style reminds me of games like Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony. There's so much detail crammed into those pixels.

This is a neat idea. I like the need to swing wildly to find a target in the dark, then keep tracking them.

The artwork looks great.

The presentation of this game is excellent. Definitely hits the macventure style. I really appreciate the verticality and movement.

I had fun playing this. Some of the text was difficult to read because of the background. 

This is fun and looks great. The cards crawl up painfully slow, but at least you can play cards as soon as combat starts.

This is fantastic! The art, music, SFX and UI are spot on. I have absolutely no complaints. It's fun and cool. Well done.

Don't make me use taskmanager to quit your game.

There really isn't any gameplay, and the movement is infuriating.

You selected some good art for your museum though, and the music is nice - but loud.

It seems hard to make a multiplayer game work in a gamejam context.

This is a trip. Really cool surreal aesthetic. Nice work.

Don't make me use taskmanager to quit your game.

The artwork is great, especially the UI. The dungeon tiles are feel a bit flat in comparison, some bump mapping would go a long way.

Nailed the vaporwave aesthetic. Combat is cute with the hand slaps, but once I got the axe, it felt very bad.

I'm sorry, I should have uploaded a windows exe as well, and now I can't. I will upload one after the jam if you're still interested.

This game looks great and plays pretty well too. I get some kings field & silent hill atmosphere in there. Very cool. I'm not really sure how duality applies, but everything else is great.

The graphical style is really cool. The combat HUD is a bit hard to understand, but I eventually figured it out. Some instructions would be helpful. The combat music is great, really makes me want to keep going. Animations are smooth and the effects are responsive. Nicely polished little game.

Movement is painfully slow. The characters and art look great, but that style doesn't translate very well to 3D. I felt like I was walking through a dungeon with really pretty wallpaper, rather than walking through a forest.

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Most of your menu buttons don't do anything.

The guy with the gun seems kinda OP, but I guess don't bring a knife to a gunfight.

The combat system is a bit of a mess, way too much on screen to tell what is happening.

I like the music that plays, but you don't have any SFX. It makes your actions feel empty.

Your textures need some variation and you need to add some clutter/decals to give some sense of place.

Combat feels pretty tedious. I got stuck trying to hit a guy who didn't do any damage to me. The dungeons feel pretty nondescript, you probably want to add some clutter/decals to help wayfind.

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This is such a genuine throwback. I love the UI. It's a bit strange seeing the Venus de Milo everywhere. Your FOV is a bit too high, I wish I could see the floor where I was standing. The music and sfx fit perfectly. HOLY CRAP YOU CREATED THAT ENGINE.

The FOV is so extreme, you can pull the camera back and shorten the FOV to make it look better. The short bit of music was pretty good, but it cuts off so abruptly. The creature is spooky and creates some real dread.

Your textures need a bit more gradation in the noise pattern.

Its very easy to just be locked out of movement, because I can't attack. So it's not really fun to play if you get caught.

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The first impression this game gives is amazing. Everything looks so polished and beautiful. The atmosphere is really great. From your profile, it looks like this is your first submission, which is very surprising.

I am getting some pretty bad vsync issues, and I have a fairly beefy PC. I wonder if your postprocessing is not synchronized with the framerate.

I can't figure out how to get the first key. Attacking does not appear to work, I pressed just about every key on my keyboard and I can't use the crowbar.

Very strange, what browser are you trying to play on?

The game looks great, artwork and UI are nice and clean.

Audio is lacking, I only hear the footstep sfx.

Combat is pretty good, but I don't really like the random encounters. It would be nice if you saw the monsters walking around.

This is very good. Combat feels good, although I feel bad killing all these named creatures.

Models and artwork look great.

SFX are minimal, and I didn't hear any music.

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Don't force me to use taskmanager to quit your game. Make ESC quit.

The UI is kind of a mess. Each element looks pretty good on its own, but you have several different scales of pixels and bluryness.

Not really sure what the torch is for when you have fullbright lighting.

Animated mushrooms look pretty good.

It probably needs some music.

This game got a good laugh out of me. A nice attempt on the Shin Megami Tensei format.

I like the hand drawn rendering.

No music/sfx really hurts.

Made me feel kinda bad, calling all these poor monsters Idiots.

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No music, no animations, no gameplay, not finished, not a dungeon crawler.

Artwork and dithering looks great, but all the different pixel sizes of the UI look bad together.

Music and SFX pretty good, a bit harsh on the chiptune squarewave.

The procedurally generated dungeon is cool, but I couldn't find my ladder.

No audio. The movement feels very odd because it's not a typical crawler movement. You're not able to rotate.

Models and textures look pretty good, but the lighting is too harsh. Some of your walls are a bit blurry, which is very bad for pixel art.

The deck building combat system is really cool.

Animations and models look great - the dungeon textures look pretty plain in comparison.

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Do not force me to use Task Manager to quit your game. Make ESC quit.

I'm a sucker for burning ice. The Tron aesthetic is good.

Movement is a tad slow, but not too bad.

Shooting is a cool effect.

It's a really bad idea to force me to use task manager to quit your game. Make ESC quit.

You really need a meter of some kind to show when you can attack again.

I like the limited mouselook

Music was a fun alternative to the brooding/depressing music in most other games so far.

The UI is excellent. Textures look good, torch animation is good. Very straightforward design.

I really like your dodge system in combat, but it feels pretty bad to get 3/4 and then take full damage.

Way too much text for a gamjam submission, I don't really want to HAVE to read an essay to play your game. The text scroll is also way too slow.

Music and sfx are great.

Your harmony time limit is way too short. I get like 10 moves into the labyrinth and then have to start over.

The textures are pretty jarring. I like how intricate they are, but in the low resolution FPS render, it's just a mess of black and white pixels - especially from far away. The models look pretty good, but the lack of any animation detracts here.

Some of the text in combat is illegible because it's white on light grays. The lack of animation really hurts here, especially from the 3rd person perspective.

I really appreciate that everything has sfx, it makes the game feel much more alive. The overworld music is very nice. Some of the audio mixing is a bit off, especially the level up - a bit too loud. 

I like that your dino just bulldozes any trees or fences in its way.

The various scales of pixel art is a bit distracting and the controls feel a bit awkward for me. In a combat platformer, I would expect jump to be a button on the right-hand side.

I can't figure out how to play. Do you have controls somewhere?

The game looks really nice. The smooth camera movement is a little jarring with the pixel art.