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The various scales of pixel art is a bit distracting and the controls feel a bit awkward for me. In a combat platformer, I would expect jump to be a button on the right-hand side.

I can't figure out how to play. Do you have controls somewhere?

The game looks really nice. The smooth camera movement is a little jarring with the pixel art.

The background art is wonderful. The rest of the game is kinda meh.

This is a very nicely polished, simple game. Very fun, good music, good sounds. Great job.

The graphic/sound design of this game assaults the eyes. From the Mario64 font to the voice over "Out of Ammo!", there is so much mis-matched style. Using a large fixed resolution is a bad choice (Not everyone has a 4k monitor). Gameplay is ok, shooting red boxes isn't very satisfying and the inability to shoot left is bonkers.

I'm really glad you included music and I love that you have voice overs. If that's your voice, even more kudos.

I don't think I like the game very much, but I love that you made it. It is certainly one of the most interesting games I've played in this Jam.

A nice little twin-stick shooter. I don't really like the look of rotating/distorting pixel art. Some music would have gone down nice.

Very nice! I also like games where you have to destroy asteroids.

The eyeballs do a good job of creating tension in this simple puzzle game.

A nicely made combat system. The lack of sound & music makes it feel unfinished. A lot of screen space is devoted to data, making it feel like I'm playing Excel.

The game looks like an older flash game - which is not a bad thing. Gameplay looks and sounds like a celebration.

The game looks and sounds nice. Getting stranded because of poor aim kinda sucks.

A very nice little celeste-like. It looks and feels well polished. SFX are good, but music would really get the player into the groove.

The game feels pretty lacking. It needs music and more responsiveness to feel more compelling.

The game looks really cool, the collage art style is very striking.

The game feels fun, but I wish restarting a level was faster. I really appreciate the use of music, even if it was made by another.

This is so great! Its very satisfying to make rails and keep the train going!

This is a pretty good looking tetris. SFX are nice, each tetronimo is distinctive despite the 1bit restriction. Well done.

The lack of audio is very noticeable. It would feel so much more satisfying if there was a little chime when you put in the right ingredient and some fanfare when you made the drink.

Very cool little maze game. Moving into a room and getting Static'ed kinda sucks. Music is right on point for the 3310, but maybe a little too much to play for long.

That's a cool little maze game.

This game looks really cool. It took me a moment to figure out the controls. That screenshot really helps.

A nice little switching game. The controls really took away from the enjoyment for me.

Nice implementation of Conway's Game of Life.

This is a really great little platformer. The simple little animations are a very nice touch. Very good job.

The art and game look really good, but are way beyond the restrictions of the Jam.

I really like the implementation of old Goldbox style rpgs. Nice job.

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The movement is very strange and slow - waiting to accelerate your character is not fun. I like the light implementation, but it's not taken advantage of. Music is a nice bonus, but it's a little beyond the 3310 capabilities.

This is a very cool and hard game.

I like the art and the allusion to Alone in the Dark. The webgl player was too big for my monitor and made playing a bit annoying.

This is an incredible puzzle/simulation of an old phone! Well done!

Very interesting little puzzle game. It's a little confusing what the different enemies are.

This game is great! A very fun little switch puzzle with great feedback & sound. Music would be very nice.

Wow, I feel dumb. I can't figure out level 2.

This game looks pretty good, but the core mechanic is not very fun. If the items moved faster and there were less switches, it would feel better.

This game looks great. The pixel art is very clear and the music is quite nice.

A nice little whack-a-mole style game. Well done.

Cool little collecting game. The art and animation is especially nice.

The effects on the ball are cool, however they deviate from the 3310 a lot.

I really like the use of "snake" to attack. The music feels like a Kirby melody played through the 3310. Well done!