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Now I have a full time job, I can't able to find time to work on this game. And this game is not made in a proper way, I was a rookie developer when I made this game.

sorry, I stopped working on this game

This game only have 4 tests and Multiplayer

Sorry :'(

I am not making ASSRT 2 

you can use either controller or keyboard

it won't reset... If your internet is little slow it will take a while to load

Thank you for your feedback... I will add a lot of stuff in future

I will be waiting for your reply

Really? Can you restart your game and see again?

hope you enjoyed it... Will be updating it soon... New content coming

What if you restart? Please let me know soon

Thank you for your comment :)

You can hide and kill turrets from cover... shoot at their feet :) 

Can you mail me directly? I need to know what is exactly happening.

Will this happening even in menu? Have you seen this kind of behaviour in any other games? Can you try with another mouse?


Okay, I will add the dot. And I will check again about the height of the Collider box for body

I can't really say when I'm gonna release next update... But it will be released soon...

Thank you for your great review... Thank you for spending your time playing and writing this review :)

Some of the music is copyrighted, you may can't monetize the video

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Yes, you need to unlock it... You can do it by upgrading your weapon two times. And thank you for your review :)

Yes, it is a feature, it is there so that player can complete level without getting hit by bullet.

Thank you for your review :)

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Thank you for your review. let me know why you didn't liked it.