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the dad look as if it is an baloon , beard is disgusting as well , put something cute on him and make the baloon small very small more baloons , make an normal body .....and what is that dark color on him ? he can be angry in pink and orange and white colo r

that dar.k  color clothes is disgusting as well as eyes and the name of the game , put something cute on him and an nnice color pink , white , orange then we have an adorable men to date

where is the character with woman doing it to men

i don't like beard is disgusting , and i don't like capitalism it enslaves people , we need to be open and manage the entire world and resources on the earth , managing only some people it mean other cannot acess resources and information , the graphics is a litle bit ok

where is womans characters , is not ok to discriminate

make an cute men character as well similar to what you v done and more colors skins to choose , that all

is not ok to promote that behaviour

i did not said that , making him cute is amazingggggggg

th men in the game is dominant and look dominant and with an body that is disgusting , make it cute and adorable and normal shoulders and not big , normal body and face , you dehumanize people by not showing the face

name the app whitesmith

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the app name discriminate against gay people and bisexuals who are attracted to both men's and womans , i love being bisexual because i am not limited , many men's forgot when they v played when they was kids and they wanted to do something almost sexual to each other , see ? that the proof that we are bisexuals , i know there is an presure constant presure from differnt organizations to do not become bisexual , i am an human rights i v seen organiations who spread bad behaviour against bisexual people and anyone who try to  be attracted to both men's and womans , this app is the proof and one of the content against it

the entire app is wrong , if we will be brainwashed the way we are brainwashed to  be heterosexuals then will be normal to be both bisexual attracted to men's and womans and other genders , the app desinform the people

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the men's in the app is cute and adorable but they can be more adorable and cute without muscl , muscl e is disgusting , you just was brainwashed that the muscl e mean beaty , wrong  , we men's we was lied , go in an gym to see alot of people there , and the ones who are the most is the ones who has muscl lol , the rest that do not have muscl is so cute and adorable

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sexualizing children , criminals