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Valentin di Domenico

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Very satisfying gameplay, I very like the gentle onboarding and the overall progression. I have to admit I didn't understood how worked the HP, nonetheless is was a good experience overall, good job!

Cool concept! Love the fact you setup an option menu with tweakings for a game jam (a tweakable dice face changing time would be dope). I had fun trying to challenge myself with multiple dices ^^ Congrats on your first game :)

Visual and the soundtrack are great ! Like the character and its animations too. Very funny to play :)
The overall experience was a bit lacking of feedbacks : it is not obvious when we get it or when we hit an enemy in a middle of a fight.
Otherwise great job congrats :)

Simple and effective concept, I found the presentation great too. The control felt well balanced : I didn't feel being too slow or too fast, the little acceleration makes you really focused and that led me to do more than one try. 150 is my best with the legit way :)

Congratulations to both of you !

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Many thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it :)
Indeed our programmer uploaded the build on a other test page and it seems to work. We have contacted support to solve the issue.

From a chad prog I'm honored haha

Thanks for the comment buddy ^^