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Hi thanks for your reply!

I think MFCG is AMAZING but it lacks the appealing style of the village generator with trees (MFCG doesn't have trees at all), houses, rivers and so on, and it would be great if one could have the fast generation of the MFCG coupled with that kind of assets, simple but effective! Or at least it would be great to have an option in MFCG that lets people choose if they want plain shapes style like it is now or drawn assets like the village generator. Clearly  you'll need to work on some more assets files than the one you've done for the village generator (walls, towers, castle...)...but you're style is fucking amazing man and i want this SO BAD!

PS. Hey! Happy Christmas!

I would gladly pay for a tool that generates instantly complex city maps like the city generator with simple but really well designed assets like the village generator. Please....i need it