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Super impressive my man. I really enjoyed everything about it. Well done!

Thanks for pulling your sister into the test, and I agree the lack of the battle system is a let down. If I had another day or two I would have a prototype in the distribution but such is life.  I'm glad you mentioned the font its the little things that I have to force myself not to focus on during sprints and jams because it takes so much time to get it just right. I'll be sure to tweak it in the next version after judging is over.

I had planned on an HTML5 version and even used gles2 hoping to have one for the jam but when I tried to play it via the browser it didn't work. I'll probably try again once I get the first update out. 

Yeah I think I over used the font. I liked it in concept but not in practice.

Thanks for the bookmark and giving it a try! I agree a tutorial would be great, and the font is a bit irritating (It looked cool on the site)  I'll probably have a standard font for most of the UI and the "space age" font for titles and the like.  I really like the idea of a tutorial map It could be used to build the narrative a little as well which would be great for where I want to take the game.

I'm really digging the art style and the Mario Galaxy-ish vibe the game gives off. I hope you continue to work on the game as its could really have a place in my library when its further along!

Very impressive! I enjoyed the overall experience though I have to echo some of the comments on how frustrating it is when the world is nearly gone. However, the frustration is at the game but rather how bad I am at it. Hope to see more when you have time to work on it.

As a big fan of metal slug and other side scrolling shooters I really like the bones of this one. If you're planning on continuing to make it better (and I hope you do)  I'm sure it will be a great game.

Great atmosphere! The game took me back to when I was really into puzzle games very similar to this one. It was a bit confusing, but escape rooms are supposed to challenge the mind and your memory well done.

Very impressive! The controls feel right and the look and feel is very cohesive. 

Thanks, I wish I had stayed on target a bit better during the game jam. I have high hopes for the project that kept spilling into the code. I think I could have polished it a bit more if I hadn't allowed my wants over take my needs.

Ha! I didn't even consider people hitting the roll button over an over.  I kind of ran this one till the last moment, and didn't have enough time to do play tests. I'll get that glaring issue dealt with asap along with some better user feed back. :) 

Love the idea! Love the execution.

The Linux version needs to lose a few extensions. Had to rename it to HeartAttack.x86_64 to get it to work.  Works great after that.

Its awesome that you're using straight blender. I'd love to see it come to something. We need to see more blender games.

Began work for the #LinuxGameJam2017 at 11:20PM


How original do the art assets have to be? As many will be using things like Gadot / unity, are you forbiding the use of things from Unity's asset store?

Are music, and sound considered art assets?