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Thank you!


Thanks for the reply! Yeah sometimes the navigation can be wonky, I'll try to improve that in the future and make some instructions more clear as I felt like some things were a bit too vague.

Thanks! I hope to add more to this in some way in the future.

Thank you :)

Thank you for the feedback! Yeah, both ways ended up being pretty wonky, I'd definitely have to tweak it in the future. 

Thank you!

Yeah honestly this ended up being more of a proof of concept of sorts rather than a full game. I hope to make a full game with an improved version of this as an element in some way at some point.

I also wished that I could've made the instructions more clear at the beginning. I remember thinking as I was uploading that I should maybe have made it more clear but I was already basically out of time :/


I'm a sucker for games that use an FMV style or anything blending real-life photos with other game elements so this was a fun one to play. My one thing is that you could maybe have more areas he can pop out from. When I played it he popped out of the bottom left section around 5-6 times in a row once.

Very cute and fun idea! I could definitely see myself playing a full version of this kind of game. The one thing is that in my mind I would often swap the mechanics of the E key and the LMB but that might just be me needing to get more used to it. 

I really like the atmosphere in this! The subtle noise and red tint add a lot to the eeriness, as well as the unsettling music, it makes me feel like we're watching a bad memory.  Also the ominous ferris wheel slowly turning in the backgroud adds a lot of life to the setting.

Very strange and enjoyable little experience. Reminded me of those old experimental pc games like Bad Milk or The Museum of Anything Goes.

Thank you!

Thanks so much!

Thank you so much!

Hi, I just had a question since I'm totally new to itch jams. I'm literally midway through uploading my entry and the deadline just hit. Is there any way for me to still turn mine in or am I screwed?