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tja allen gefällt es und dir nicht jedenfalls hab ich besseres zu tun als nur kritiken zu schreiben. tu was sinnvolles

Crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy download!!!!!1 

perfect made with love

if you want a full game you could donate and offer the full game soon for all here , and being named in the game :) if you want 25$ would be great

Hay wait wait wait where did you see this game on game jolt? thats the only official site here... please answer fast.

i will check it out how much donations?

unreal engine 4 basic textures...

Thanks very much if you really want to help us completing the full version you could donate. There are some 3D models we want to buy. 30$ would really help. Lg v1nz

i can do for you but it will take some time

Thanks very much its just a demo right now

Why did you cut the intro? 

Yes haha sorry :) full game better

thanks for the review next game soon

Thanks very much

Thanks for playing there are many bugs I know 

We want develop this game in future but it's really hard to create games XD

mit e und q kann man sie lehnen du bist lehnend durch das Spiel gegangen. Und die Ladezeit ist keine Ladezeit eigentlich leuft da ein Intro Video was leider nicht gespielt wird Danke unreal


Be the first playing PLAGUE DEMO Enjoy!

habs komplett gesehen :)

das kommt bald :) endlich auch mal jmd der Deutsch spricht XD

thanks very much be ready for plague

Hay watched your video.

You could make a donation but not for that game you could make one for Plague- 

it will be good :)

do you have windows? The files inside the zip are needing each other :) it should work on 64Bit do you have 32?

thanks :)

It was made for a YouTuber a year ago .

Plague my next game will be a real project

Hay Sure but a code what for?

hahah Thanks for playing nice vid hope you will enjoy Plague too :)

thanks for playin man, first one with facecam :)

You should get more clicks your very funny.

Please wait for Plague alpha soon... :) Lg

Thanks very much for playing i Hope you will enjoy Plague too :) Lg

Hay Black Wave 

Thanks very much for playing, I watched the whole video :) Its a long time ago I programmed this game and yes my native language is not English☝🏼😂 And Yeir the jumpscares are a little cheap. But if you don't like to be chased Plague - Horrorgame will be perfect for you.

It is 10x times better than half. Lg vinz

Watch Sev playing this game! 

Check out this great Tool!