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UU Soft

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this actually a good game mate ,keep it up

(did I sound British ?)

I am waitin too

Thanks for the support 😄

Oh dude, Thank you so much for your Honest Feedback.

i will suggest you to play my last game :

I Agree with you ,it was my first game ever .

thanks mr charlmes, it was my honor to be here in  I CAN'T DRAW jam

Yeah that's what i am doing cause there are some really good games here  

i guess you could and that will not affect your submission ,Just upload the new version n that's it

Thats is chilling bro keep it up :D

That's Really a great game ,I thought first it was your 21 birthday .

Thanks for answering i was confused for a while .

Cool game if you only check the "esc" button doesn't work (no menu opens) in windows 

This game is awesome dude i like the simple colors, and music fits the game. Keep it up AMICO

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Questo gioco e buonissimo .

sorry if my Italian was a bit bad,anyway its a great game 

Dude it s really hurt when you put a lot of effort and time for a game and nobody play it ,at least a nice comment or an honest feedback will be satisfying. 

But whatever this jam was great i meet new people and i play some really good games.

I am wondering is all of the entries of this game jam will be judged by only the hoster of the jam.

if so how much time it will take to see the ranking .

I don't know if My submitted game " " will even be judged or not cause we put a lot of effort on it ,

Please answer Charlmes.

Thanks,about the store you can find it when you die :

Oh thanks dude i am glad that u like it

great game to be honest ,could u test my submission too  

Dude the game is awesome the only problem i found is when you click in the Main Menu button doesn't do noting .

i Hope u test my submission too

Awesome dude i like the change sound apply boom you are in the game that's chill.

i just submit my game too if u would like to test it

Man the game is great i get to WAVE 9 the only problem i get is i die with health of 10 not 0.

i would like if you test my submission too

Dude the game is awesome the only issue i have is i still have 10 in health and i died

Oh man this platformer is awesome the only thing you can add is a small animation for the duck when it jumps but however the game is amazing,

 I would like to test my submission too

Great game br

hahaha thats cool man the only think that i guess will be cool if you make the background transparency for each item .

I would like to test my submission too

oh thanks 

Hi if you want to go from Beach to Moon I have What you need ,You Need a JETPACK. Click Here To Travel

Like This Guy : 

I am JetBoy Let's go to Moon

So Support the game by only Play it and leave your thought ,Thanks n Lets Start the Travel

hahahaha i am glad u like it 

thats great bro ,good job

this is really great bro ,could u check my first game jam game :

Oh thanks dude i really appreciate your feedback

Man you did it ,this is awesoooome

thats Awesome man a unique idea and fits the theme

thats very cool ,I hope you test mine i just submit it :

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Hi Guys ,i put a lot of effort in this game for this game jam ,Finally i finish it to day so please i will be so grateful if somebody of you guys try it .

Yeah i will try it ,I just submit mine :

it's a cool game keep it up