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Thank you so much for the feedback! And I agree, the game is a bit too difficult. In fact, it was more difficult earlier and even I wasn't able to beat it. So I turned it down a notch.

Again, really appreciate the feedback! :D

Well, it connects to the theme in the sense that - you're locked until you activate all the consoles - that's how you can get out. Although it highlights the activation of the consoles and keeping the connection on, it also needs you to 'unlock' the next level by turning on all the consoles. Yes, I agree, that the 'locked/unlocked' part is a bit overshadowed, but there is a reference to the theme. :D

Also, you'll find downloadable content for Win and Mac on the game page. :)

This is my first ever published game. I am sure there are bugs - in fact, a few are known issues! Anyhow, let me know how you like it. Thanks!

Hello! I made this game using your assets, which, by the way, is super cool (your assets, that is) -

Let me know how you like it! :D