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It says Godot under “More Information”! Along with Blender, Aseprite and Photoshop.

(I’m not the type to leave comments but I really love Godot and want it to have more exposure so here!)

This is life-saving!!! I'd have spent countless hours manually creating mine and it'd still not be this perfect!

Wow awesome work! Especially the tiny objects, so well made uwu

Thanks !

Ohh it looks amazing but where's the upload ? It seems like there's no file to download...

Thanks for the fast reply.

Yeah I understand. Actually I don't think my game will have any dialogue, I think it'll be a bit like Myst, so the story will be revealed visually, and anyone can interpret it however they like. About the secret theme, it just fits perfectly with my idea (yeah I know it haha) so no problem with it.

And yes the "forgotten location" could be a legend (although in my mind it's story should have happened pretty recently so that's a bit contradictory ?) anyway I'll try to figure out something that I'll like to create. I have good core ideas but still don't know if it'll be first person or something else xD

Anyway thanks for your reply!

Hey, I don't really have any idea either for a myth or legend themed game, but I have something interesting about lost memories in a forgotten location, is this in adequation with the theme ?

Thanks !

Wuuuw, you regained access to itch, I'm glad for you :)

Awesome asset pack btw, it really match 0x72's style :)

Okay I kinda understand what you mean, I'm not in a huge need of it anyway, you know I like downloading assets for future use so I'll just abandon this one haha, thanks for reply and sorry for inconvenience^^'

And good luck for you jam :)

Wuuuw this is sooo beautiful omg :o

I love the patterns! Thanks!

Okay I understand, actually I'd like to use it in a future game (not sure what type of game though, so I don't know if it'll be commercial or not) although I'm pretty sure I'll allow for donations here on itch.

Thanks for reply and sorry for super late response, I was on holiday^^'

Okay, though legally "no licence" means that we basically can't do anything with it, so if you want to give them for free without any restriction, make them licenced under CC0 (public domain)^^ 


It's cute! Nice work!

What's the license? :)

Awesome, what's the licence ? :)

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Hello, yeah this is a known bug, please download from google drive and not from itch, the link is in the game's page^^

Sorry for inconvenience^^'

EDIT: The bug was fixed in 1.0.1 !

Thank you !

The downloadable build still doesn't work, but through Steam it works perfectly. I'm excited to see what we can do with this really good engine :)

Ah thanks for your help but I tried in Brave and Chrome and that doesn't work, this is for sure because of our proxy server _-_

Anyway thank you^^ (huh ten minutes ?? this was just right xD I know the feeling of the deadline being very close ;)

Thanks for your reply^^

I'll probably buy this in the future because I don't need it right now, but it's sure an interesting tool :)

Hey, this seems very good, but is the DialogueDesigner required to use it ?

Whaaat an awesome music omg ! I played the game just to listen to it more *^*

Is it available to download/use ? The link seems dead :/

Also I love the graphics and the concept :)

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Yess, finally part 6 !

Thank you so much for all these awesome games !

EDIT : awwn, just finished it, it was so cute and heart breaking ! Can't wait for part 7 :)

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Okay then, I made it

And don't worry, it's really easy to use, just like microsoft Word (but cleaner). You don't have to set up anything, just write :)


THANK YOU SO MUCH, I'm sooo glad I found you !

In fact I already thought about all this, and I came up with a great idea : I can create a Google Sheet and share it with you only so we can talk and upload things privately (I don't have social media) is this okay with you ?

And just don't pressure yourself, you are doing this freely for me so I won't impose a deadline or something like this, just do it when it's possible for you, really (and anyway I'm not in a rush, so take your time^^) even if it's for next month or more !

Speaking of animations, yeah I can do this myself if I have the sources, but I may need some specific poses (like running for example) so if you could just do some key poses then it would be easy for me to add transitions and animate properly^^

Again it would be much better if we could talk about this in another place, so let me know if that Google Sheet idea corresponds you.

And thank you, really, because I can't pay an artist/draw pixel art myself, I always have to tweak some assets and aaah this reply is going to turn into a book ! Well, to resume I'm very very thankful to you ! I'll give you a big spot in my game credits !

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Wow your pixel art style is just amazing !

I love the ones in your reply, but honestly I don't actually have any project of making a game with pixel art (but I'd like to, I love pixel style !)

In fact I'm working on a game right now (the jam version is avalaible in my profile) and since it's was for a jam I didn't think much about the graphical style, just picked some assets that was in my folders.

So maybe, but just if you want to of course, maybe we could collaborate ? I'd like to see a pixel sprite for the main character :3

EDIT : oh and before you make anything, I'd like to know if you are okay with it so I can clarify what I want^^

Thank you very much :)

Ooook je vois xD

Du moment qu'on a tous le temps de proposer une version débuggée, c'est l'essentiel xD

Je me posais la même question, et tant mieux qu'il y ait du temps entre la fin des votes et le live parce que je préfère pas créer de nouvelle page/uploader mon jeu quelque part d'autre. Merci :3

Ah d'accord ! Je vois c'est mieux ainsi alors, du moins jusqu'à que ça soit équilibré^^

Oui t'as raison, je crois que je me suis un peu mal exprimée, désolée^^ Je voulais juste dire que c'est une simple "augmentation de niveau" mais bon, comme j'ai dit chacun son point de vue ;)

Mais le jeu est vraiment super, bien joué !

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This is AWESOME.

Thank you, I absolutely love pixel things !

Is the characters in the screenshots available for download as well ? They are so beautiful :o