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An idea to make this harder. (If this gets diffculty setting this would be a Hardcore feature)

Weight, so it basically means you have to manage the weight of your raft, if not, you will sink and game over.

The point of this game is the harsh life of living on a raft...

A better version of the spear, Harpoon.

Mouse1 Is just a simple stab.

Mouse2 Holding down right click will charge a throw for longer distances

Each time a shark dies a new one but still the same comes, right?

What would be fun is that when the shark dies a slightly harder one comes instead.

I highly agree with all of this.

What would also be good is notifications for when water or food is done, something has been caught in the net, the palm tree is ready etc.

Storage... More storage, please.

This is just a continuation of your post sir.

I would totally fund this if I could, I did encounter a few bugs... Mostly falling through the ground.

Most bots I could run and it was still playable was about 500.