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Thanks for playing and for the feedback, i made an update to make the game even more fun.

Nice game, well polish.
The level design is kinda too much hard to move.

Nice game.
Im gonna steal it.

Needs juice.
I couldn’t play the browser version on mobile. The touch gamepad doesn’t get my touches every time and when it works, it doesn’t work with multi touch.

Probably never, by now im having a bad time with Playdate.

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Very fun movement system. It feels like playing Halo Custom Race, but with drift.
Please upload a windows build without il2cpp so i can steal the car code.

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Fun as fuck.
Those walls/trees really makes you feel stronger when you start being able to destroy them.

Better than the original Vampire Survivors. Just put SFX and get your millions.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback.
Ill definitely try to make this, i dont know if ill add to this game, tho.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback.
When you start a new match you get also a random powerup. but i think this build have a bug where the laser becomes “wider” every character level.
The fireball is really kinda OP at beginning, but all power ups are strong after some upgrades even the arrow.
The arrow also has a bug that i dont know how to fix it, but some times it doesnt give damage to the enemy.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback.
The enemies becomes stronger every level and every minute, so isnt one hit kill all the time.
The only powerup that you can aim its the laser, the game would become easier if you could aim with every powerup.
It was design to be mobile friendly, so i made using only the mouse as the input.

I think i cant walk.

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Very hard, but fun. Seems like a good game to do speedruns.
It would be cool if you can see the character go in ragdoll mode for some seconds instead of insta respawn.
Its kinda hard to know if you will die touching a wall/floor.

Tava procurando meu nome no Google e cai aqui.

Comentario femichista. Reportado para a administração do coceira.

Its hard as fuck on beginning because of those circle dudes, but after you start getting the power ups, damn, shit got fun.
I think i became death himself and killed the boss with 1 hit, tho. Now i cant die. Fun game.

Nice tool.

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Thanks for trying. You need to run inside PowerShell 7.
I dont know why it doesnt run on Powershell < v7, im not using PowerShell7 only stuff, lol.
If you have Powershell 7 you also dont need to change you execution policy.
You probably also need .net framework/core.

I think the controls should use only keyboard. At least for me isnt ergonomically good to play this way. A simple A-D to move, J to melee, K to shoot and L to dash, would be better, i think.

The walking is too much fast. It feels nice to punch some badboys, but is hard to not be punched, maybe put a cool down to the enemy punch after it get close. By now if you get close to the enemy it gives you a punch like instantly.

Thank you for playing and for the feedback. There is already a mobile port. Yeah, you are right, the tutorial should be better.

  • The game starts in windowed fullscreen that not cover the taskbar.
  • To skip the text you need to press “T” but the game dont tell you that
  • When the actual game starts the window became small and you cant see much (nevermind, apparently this is the way the game is supposed to be)
  • I didn’t get it the purple thing for the beginning, maybe because i didn’t read the text
  • i got filtered in the level after the wall jump tutorial Game seems solid, nice plot.
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Thank you for playing and for the feedback. Yeah, i need to see the “drag to move”. I never showed this game to anyone without telling how to play so its nice to see that this is not enough to teach players.

Ill test with an on screen stick soon.

Thank you for playing and for the feedback. The “right” way to play this is use the down dash a lot, it makes you feel like a ninja, kek. There is a mobile port already, but the webgl version is more responsive, im still testing stuff in the android.

Thank your for playing and for the feedback. Yeah, they are random generated. It’s supposed to make you die quickly, like in flappy bird.

Kek. Thank you for playing and for the feedback.

Thank your for playing and for the feedback. Yeah, would be better if it tells to the player the controls, but i like the “try and error” feel.

Git gud

Thank you for playing and for the feedback.

Thank you for playing and for the feedback.

Fun and hard. Sometimes i click out of the game window.

Nice and challenging.

Comfy and satisfying.

This game sucks

Very good animations and movement.

I got filtered by the controls, i think it needs a small tutorial.

Played a little.

  • I didnt get it why the circle area
  • i dont know if the bullets is friendly or not

I really see this being a competitive moba-like game.

Played a little. Pretty fun.

  • When i miss like 1 pixel in landing my ship crashes and i feel very frustrated.
  • i wish some kind of feedback to show if my landing will be successful based in your velocity, if there is any, i didn’t get it