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The jam theme was obvious, all game has a choice .. So, to make it interesting we tried to hide the choice, and later decided to link the choice with death, so if you "choose", you die. The solution came later :) + Tawfik Allah 1st and foremost :)

You can use the hint, please read the full description :) Good luck.

Glad you made it :) The game was almost impossible to solve -logically- before I added that little "A speaker ?" text.

Thank you :)

Nice concept and great execution. I can see potential to the game mechanic, maybe if you got some more time you can improve the puzzle design :)

Nice game. The drug effects are a very good idea .. but they are not used at all .. The player just avoids the drugs and that's it .. I think it would be better if you designed the obstacles so that the player will have to drink some drugs in order to pass the obstacles!

@ticacf12 Thank you for your advice, I totally agree about the UI, it needs more iterations.

About the theme, the theme of the Zanga is about "Timing", which could be implemented in a lot of different ways because it is a very general theme. All games require timing in one way or another, right :) ? You can see timing in Day-Night cycle ,where you cannot trade at night for example, and you have to time your moves so you do not get caught by Thieves. Also you have to time your actions correctly or you would miss the merchants' offers during the Day.

Thank you and good luck to all of us ;)


Thank you very much, Walid. Wish you all the best :)

The game is pretty neat, the graphics and music are well done. I don't see a strong relation to the theme, just a normal timing shooting. You can still play with random generation to get more interesting encounters as the game progresses.

The intro is too long and the video is too slow to load. Please consider making it using programming next time instead of using a video.

Nice game, the graphics and music are amazing. Narrative is creative and new, I like how you kept the story mysterious. The aligning mechanic is nice, but quickly becomes tedious and hard, I think this is because the ball speed is not clear, it is slow then suddenly becomes fast.

The challenge is just right. Great job !

Thank you. It is a game about "illusion" after all :)

Nice game, the actors made me laugh! but I couldn't get the lotion on the table in the lotion level :\