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Urban Goose

A member registered Jul 08, 2021

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Damn this scared the shit outta me.

Amazing game. The voice acting was surprisingly spot-on. The game has one major spook moment but man it is a great spook. Also I like this kind of graphic style (maybe because they aren't large in size). The working of reflections spooked me a lil bit. Overall, a must play 5-minute game. On top of that the size is just a little over 50mb.

I dunno nothing about this vaporwave but I loved this game. The graphics and the music, the statue creeped me up a little but it was nothing after all.

Damn boy! Just 30 seconds long but scared the hell outta out of me. Keep it up.

Unique Concept. Loved it.

Powerful visuals and story.

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I dunno. It didn't scare me much. That blue thing in the end (I don't wanna give any spoilers, hence I am not using the actual name) did give me some spooks but that was it. Maybe because the player isn't actually a human but a bot. So, it doesn't quite give a do-or-die experience. 

I have read quite some novels that are hundreds of pages long  but this five minute novel is better than all of them. Maybe that is because of the music and visuals. Beautiful writing. The train set was a smart choice.

I didn't expect that you will be collecting apples in that "certain" way. I will be honest...there isn't much development you can do in this game if you want this to be only an apple-collecting simulator. I would suggest adding multiplayer (because multiplayer and pvp makes any game better...we all know that). Maybe a multiplayer mode where those apples are bombs? A horror mode surrounding apples or Poland? I mean if a person knows coding, then he/she can  do nearly everything.

Now about this game, a person will play it 2 times (I did). At this current stage, I cannot say much. It is a great apple collecting simulator (maybe you can incorporate the lives of farmers?). The process of collecting is unusual as well.

Loved the style of story telling and "yes" and "no" of that light, it was smart. The ending did scare me a little but considering that 90% of the story takes place in a bright environment, it was unprecedented. 

Great Graphics but the walk is anything but short.

A game full of wisdom.

A beautiful experience; especially the transition from day to night. But....the light of that tower is a bit too much bright. I would suggest (if you are interested) you to make a same experience but with aurora borealis because to be honest, there isn't much beauty in an ocean if we look from above.


The game gets confusing but that is not a problem because it is supposed to be so. I dunno why I was spooked. A great experience.

Just Gorgeous.

Quite short but surprisingly scary. I had already watched Markiplier play this game but still it scared me. I wasn't even alone and in dark. In fact, I was in my online class.😁😁 

Hi! I am interested in playing this game but when I click Install, it shows an error message saying "Cannot  read property build of undefined." I play games on my laptop which has Windows 10 and is up-to-date. I dunno if this information will be enough to resolve this issue. I have just started playing games on laptop, so forgive me if the error is because of my device and not the game.

There are many horror games in this industry. Some try to scare you through violence. I don't consider that kind of "spooks" to be horror inducing. This game scares the hell out of you without any violence. Literally, the only movement in this game is to go down the stairs, yet it gives you spooks that even high-budget horror games won't give you. I suggest this game for all those masochists who like giving nightmares to themselves.