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Thanks for attention

Create sand whirls that bring all the objects in the sand, to dig them up you will need either a shovel or a new Transport-Excavator

Building improvements will be as follows:

an object1 level2 level3 level
atomic reactor5 energy per second25 energy per second50 energy per second
Solar panel15 energy per second
20 energy per second30 energy per second

and so on

You can also add improvements for buildings or Autocraft (for example, there is an object in the workbench that is crafted using the gear wheel and when you click on this object (if the player has materials) the game is crafting first a gear wheel and then an object)

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Cairn4! I want to offer a couple of ideas to your game. You can add, for example:
gym, where you can upgrade your skills.
Force - gives more speed of extraction of resources. Endurance run faster. It would also be a good way to add a rig.
Sorry for the error (if any). I am just Russian
Cairn4, I gave you an idea. You have the right not to implement it.
And something else! I like this game very much. I think you are doing it perfectly! Please do not stop making this game!