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I did not join the jam on the Itch page (i did not know it was there at the time) but i attended the opening meeting and the showcase and set up my game for others to play

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I have made a game for a previous Summer Slow Jam but it isnot in the PIGSquad game collection. The game is Ice Cream for 3-Button 3-Color "One More Time"


Fun little game! I like the artwork and gameplay!

Here is the link to it on

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I guess... XD and there are 64 breeds

Yeah its pico 8 (I'm the maker)

Thanks! That helps a lot. I never knew that there were more players than two.

How did you use four controllers?

You did amazing for a first time!

Yeah good idea! I will post this on PICO-8 as soon as possible.

Thanks. When I play it just for fun, it gets annoying when i lose all my progress and a lot of the chickens nobody will see because they would half to play for a half hour strait (or somthing like that i did not do the math).

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about every second. but it depends on how many chickens you have. i will probaly make it so you can save all your chickens so you dont have to restart.

EDIT: Autosave feature added in update 1.0

Test Succeeded!

I'm gonna use PICO-8

like the intro animation! GO PICO-8!

Good Idea. im gonna add it after voting is over