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Liked the idea of the game!

Today I finished my game and im really proud of what i've done. When I started I would've never thought of getting this far with all the questions in my head about making games, but I just started doing and learning. I had only some basic understanding of code but I did it after seeing other people progress too and having just as hard time as I had. Seeing other people progress, made me progress.

Here is album

So this is indeed my first game jam. Decided to upload picture a day to my album. I know its not gonna be anything AAA but im trying my best. Let me tell you something about the game. You gotta find all the car parts from the forest while maintaining your food and cold level. Story will be told later ;) Still unnamed game. Sry for my english.

My goals are some basics since i got only basic knowledge of game making:

  • Finish the game(prototype)
  • Get better at programming
  • Have fun.