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Hmmm, here's moar thuughts

You're making w h a t !? Holy mother of god i'm so excited aaaaaaaa

An MG video game. It would require way too much work, luck & changes to the ruleset & there's really just no chance for that to ever happen in a million worlds, but goddamit that idea is gonna haunt me forever because that would be sick! (Also the 1st fire lance move would be really fun to use in VG format)

What if the "special clocks" stacked? E.g. party of 3, each with 1 hollybomb & a second variant hollybomb, decide to rush the venom clock, throwing all 6 hollys & triggering the special extra powers of all 3 variants instead of deciding which one finishes the clock & gets the effect.

Hunter's Fang:

Crush: 0

Slice: 1

Pierce: 3

Health: 10

Edge: 5

Atk: Close, Bloodthirsty (gain 1 hp on hit)

Bloodsharp: gain 1 edge when you or Close entities deal or take Harm

To be completed.....

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Tbh replacing the venom effect with a different new variant would be more like what i'm thinking of but i don't have an example effect in my head so馃し

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Yoinked a Community Copy, 5/5 i love it!

Here's an idea that's been swishing in my head too; Something like D&D's "Poison a target. creatures poisoned in this way *insert effect*" would be interesting! Example:  "Frozen Hollybomb: bundle of toxic berries with a heat-sucking venom. Throw to inflict 1 Harm & +1 Venom. Triggering a Venom clock with this immediately triggers the target's Ice clock unless it's ice-immune."

P.S. if this gets another content update, i'd die for more ranged weapons (A 2nd music weapon or another "unique type" weapon would be neat as well but that's like minimum priority imo).

also here's an extra lol

I have made some minecraft cards!

When you make a card evil level for cosmetic purposes moment

Makes sense, thanks for replying! Fun fact: i'm still thinking about what a dragon born would be in this tbh just because i love this that much :) (i'm imagining a bipedal fire breathing gecko that is prepped to climb walls & breath fire, but idk about the other parts like fav food. I'll def get back to you w/ a homebrew if i ever finish it.)

(17 edits)

There have been many new Level Types & other card shenanigans recently, many not on the catalog yet. Here's an overview of all that in one neat spot, hope it's helpful!

Edit info (in order):

1.1-Added Fusion Levels.

1.2-Added Vampire & (kinda) Vengr Levels + this & the note right below it.

1.3.-Actually added Vengr Levels, also added categories & the paintman gimmick.

1.4-The biggest update i've made! I added Egregor Cards, changed KNTs to match recent balance changes, cut some stuff i deemed unnecessary, added the non-level glossary and made some smaller edits.

1.5-t e m p l a t e

All the other edits are minor stuff

Evil Levels (Red) (Created by Mx. Wellman)-These are explained in the newest version of the Living Rules. Fun Fact: They are based off of bones from Inscryption and were made alongside an attempt to add act 2's Suite cards to the game.

Knight/KNT Levels (Blue) (Created by Habetis Invalidum)-To play a KNT Level card, discard banish the top [KNT Level of whatever you're trying to play] cards of your deck. They're thematically something like Good Levels, forcing you to believe in the heart of the cards a little!

Siphon Levels (Yellow, sometimes Green or Lime) (Created by Clicktuck)-These work a bit more like normal levels, but you don't sacrifice cards outright. Instead, you take levels from your cards one by one until the requirement is met, allowing you to spread the cost out without any deaths & activate "on taking damage" passives. This level type doesn't really have a theme, though it would make most sense for electricity powered & soul/blood-sucking cards.

Fusion Levels (Pink with component template) (Created by cat-crafter)-Cards with this type can (but don't have to) sit somewhere else similarly to cards with my Deckapitated passive. To play them, you have to banish the ingredients shown on the card (e.g. an *insert card*+an ice card, or an electric card+a goblin card), bringing it out from the offpile or your hand. Fusion Level cards cannot be played by other effects unless said effect adheres to their conditions (e.g. "search for a card & play it for free" doesn't work, but "search for a card & play it as if from your hand" does). These, like Siphon Levels, don't have a set theme. Here's a few different templates by Wellman.

Egregor Cards (Levelless with unique template) (Created by Mx. Wellman)-A strange unlevel type dependent on the existence of 2 hosts, the image below explains it. Templates here. Intriguingly enough, these are an interesting adaptation of that "suites in btcg" concept and confirmed to be so unintentionally by the creator.

Paintman gimmick (6 section Level circle) (Made by Pon)-Paintmen sit in the offpile, each section of their Level circle colored red, yellow, blue, black or white. To play them, you must use a humanoid mold card & sacrifice the shown combination of color tokens to summon them from the offpile鈥搚ou may also siphon levels from blot cards to pay a token of their respective color per level. The 6 slices represent their 6 base hp/levels. When summoned, paintmen use normal Levels if mostly black &/or white, Siphon Levels if mostly yellow, Evil Levels if mostly red, KNT Levels if mostly blue & multiple types if equally 2 or 3 colors.

Vampiric Levels (Red with fanged level circle and inverted color templates) (Created by Habetis Invalidum)-Vampiric Level cards are discarded the moment they enter your hand. You can play them from the discard pile by siphoning their level from your character cards. The red colored abilities on these cards are "Vampiric Abilities" of sorts, & using them requires you to pay the card's written Vampire Level again. If killed or destroyed, Vampire cards are Banished & cannot be unbanished by any means, though that doesn't apply if the card destroys or discards itself. Thematically Vampire Levels are pretty simple, however they can include more generally blood-related stuff.

Vengr Levels (Blue with special blue template) (Created by Habetis Invalidum)-These cards are played for free, placed on & replacing any of your character cards with at least as many kills as that card's Vengr Level. These cards have Runic abilities, which come in three types & can be prevented or locked, but not removed. White runes  can be used any time & active white runes have 1 use per turn each. Red runes are only usable when the Vengr takes damage, but have unlimited uses & trigger all at once unless you decide otherwise. Blue runes are like red runes, but they activate on dealing damage. After a Vengr card is played, the "Vengr" part is replaced with the replaced character's name & the suffix "Slayer of (last killed card's main tag or group)" is added. Thematically, Vengr Levels are sort of warrior, berserker or viking levels. They are also a counterpart to Vampire Levels, which makes both those types a second red-blue pairing. As for what "special blue template" means, here you are.

Level numbers have had some shenanigans of their own too! Level X cards spawn in with a level equal to however many levels you paid for them, while (type 1)+(type 2) & "(type 1) OR (type 2)" cards are self-explanatory.

[Non-Level Glossary]

Note: The 2 tokens are popular uses of these terms, not the end-all-be-all of how they work. They function more as keywords to say "this does that" without wasting space on explanations every time you wanna use that mechanic.

Armor Tokens (also occasionally known as Health)-Acts as bonus health鈥揻or example a lvl 3 with 4 armor taking 6 dmg becomes a lvl 1 with no armor.

Venom Tokens-If a card has less levels than venom tokens at any point, it dies.

Add-on/Add-to/Add-on-to Cards (Created by Mx. Wellman)-Explained by the creator here. Templates in same spot as the Egregor ones.

Offpile/Side Deck (Created by Me & Clicktuck (feat. Wellman) i guess? It's a weird story)-Goofy crediting aside, here's the card.

States-Some cards inflict different states which often don't have a direct effect unless ruled so but may counteract or replace one another and affect certain abilities. These include cards being colors, being hot or cold, being wet, the playing field's weather and day/nighttime.

Finally, here's a little houserule that i made relating to Level Types: Evil Begets Evil! With this, Evil Level cards are worth their written level instead of one level if you sacrifice them for other Evil Level cards. This could also work as a card ability &/or affect KNT Levels (which, again, are basically Good Levels).

And that's all from me, Hope you enjoy! (Jeezus that was a  P H A T  update)

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Reworked! I also started using a new font, but won't remake old cards unless i'm reworking them anyways

Have fun with that (also i reworked waffle fort to include that lol)

Here's another c o n s u m a b l e  s u b s t a n c e  card

(3 edits)

Level = is basically N/A

everybody is an arson child 馃グ馃グ

Patch notes: this is a level cheaper, active cooldown reduced from 3 turns to 1.

Basic TCG communityCreated a new topic Trap Cards

Example cards

Use this to post your own trap cards if you want

Here's a thread for discussing strategies, decks & that kinda stuff. Thought it would fit.

here's my two cents on this as well:

My card "Pancake Man" is strange. It's supposed to be a support card, but a weird decision on my part gave it a weird alt playstyle, that being allowing the card to use  _share syrup_ on itself. The idea is that you use _share syrup_, gain a level & an action then use that extra action to use _share syrup_ again & so on until you use all the tokens. Combine that with the "A Count Ant Accountant" & "Coven Of Eggs" cards & you have yourself a weird type of TCG deck known as an unintended exodia deck (at least assuming you're playing act threshhold)!

Have fun!

Todd/odd wizard template (big boy, lotta text)

Co-op card template (one person makes the name, art  or abilities, second person makes amother part, last person fills in the last category)

Sorta like this

(1 edit)

Tension (act threshhold modifier)-set a bigger act threshhold than normal (20-35 should work). After both players have had their turn, add 1 to the tension value (can be tracked with tokens or pen & paper) . The act threshhold is what you set it to minus the current tension value.

Got this game after finding BasicTCG, absolutely love it! The idea is great, the extra game modes are a great addition, and i can already see a round of this getting as insane & funny as some jackbox games! 5 bucks is definitely a good price for this.


(3 edits)

Some older cards that i forgot to put here

Patch notes: _I'm sorry, little ones...._ now has a cat minimum of 2 instead of 10.

Patch notes: this now does a LOT more damage.
This one was born from a joke in the discord server.

Also a new one

Edit: _obelisk reflect_ now uses rolls of five instead of six like i intended.

Oh screw it i'm just gonna put the text here

"Some card ideas i have in my head for your consideration", also known as card ideas 1

-Viridian, Mauve & Glacous Voltabots (yes those are actual colors)

-cyborg modifications (more gun, shield generators, MORE GUN, kamikaze bomb, M O R E G U N)

-Pundead army (rundead, gundead, sundead, bundead, grandead, skele-TON etc.)

-botanimals (like botanisaurs but broader) (my relationship with this one is still "i have no goddamn ideas but i love it too much")



Card ideas 2: electric boogaloo

-Nekomancer (pundead army). The pun is neko (japanese for cat), so i think it would be a sterotypical "sweet aunt with a bajilion cats" but zombified and with cat magic (zombie cats? zombie lions, tigers, etc maybe?)

-I grabbed a community copy of one of vidityas other games "spellchitect" and playing a couple games then making the spells into cards would be neat as hell(i didn't play it yet but it looks super jackboxy and very fun!)

-speaking of spells, DnD lets you cast spells with higher level slots to make them stronger and a card mechanic like that would be interesting (so like "if you sacrifice x levels more than required to play this card it gains this & that bonus")

-Voltabot gimmicks based off similar toys in real life would be a great additional bit of tang

-speaking of Voltabots.........

B E E G L I S T O F R A R E / S P E C I F I C C O L O R S F O R V O L T A B O T S


-Either Falu or Crimson


-Eburnean or Sepia

-Cyan (not rare)

-Purple (also not rare)

-Black (also also not rare)




-Paleo Veronese Green

-gold (rare-ish)



-Royal Blue

-Bracing Blue

-Iridescent (technically not a color but shut up it looks cool)


Anyways , that's all folks! I hope you enjoyed!



Card ideas 3: the filler episode

-I don't believe in witchcraft but an archetype/theme/faction based around it would be sick

-Speaking of magic & factions...

-"Mages Of Teen Tomfoolery", a faction/archetype based around the idea of magic-fluent teens using their powers to screw around & do stupid crap (non-euclidean amusement park?)

-The above idea may or may not contain a theme of w e e d m a g i c :trollface_low_res:

-Necrodancer (pundead army). I mean, how could i NOT?

-Raisin-bran-dead (pundead army, again). This could be a double pun, the "raisin" part also doubling as "raising" (as in raising bran flake zombies, or a grain farm made for the bran flakes, or even adding both to make a t r i p l e p u n).


Card ideas 4: The Funky Wunky

(Some funky card names i came up with/got from parts of the internet (+some ideas of what they could be))

-Gaming Fungus

-Criss-Cross Apple Sauce

-Dusty Rainbow

-The Funny Police (Something with countering meme cards)

-Gabber-Jabber (Monster, possibly goblin monster, possibly gold-eating goblin monster)

-Moonwater (Witchcraft Archetype) (Basically moon-charged water)

-The Smelly Smells

-Mr. Bludge Oane (hahahaha get it becuz it's bludgeon so funny BONK hahahaha)

-Imp Of Wrath (Demon Chihuahua)

Edit: Card ideas 4.5: The Funkier Wunky

-Wordsicle (Or Literature Popsicle if you wanna be boring)

-Chicken Nugget Man (Absolutely spoopily terrifying)

-Thesaurus Rex (Agressively Wails With A Frightening Level Of Noise Throughout A Monstrous Extent Of Time)

-Blerp (Probably some sorta cute and derpy monster)

-Funny Pantaloons (Funny Pantaloons)



-bombie (pundead bomb zombie)






-tyranosaurus flex














-nut butters

-blue almonds (based off polish people calling zoning out in a daydream "dreaming of blue almonds" (possible PSI based ingredient?))


-dia-monds (almond)

-diemonds (can be either a punny diamond or a punny almond)









(3 edits)

Here's a bunch of card templates that i made!

I have ALSO combined all my card ideas from the discord into a giant text file


Oh dangit this doesn't work either




Here's a blank dark mode card so you can add your own color combos

I ADORE this! My only complaint is that the way races & "can't do" mechanics are worded kinda implies that all races can do things not on the "can't do" list even if it makes no sense (So for example the moth elves being "always prepared to fly" with no clarification implies that all races can straight up fly & the moths just get a bonus to rolling for that).

(5 edits)

Patch notes 3:

-todd was remade for the FINAL time. I swear.

- i call edits patch notes now for extra spice

I went with stronger artifact type gear this time.

Voltabots have been pretty much ignored since they were made. Luckily i am full of ideas and interesting colors!

Truly tragic....

(1 edit)

I made more

Edit: the grinder & recycling grinder have been changed. The resource card doesn't exist anymore. Allowing you to discard a material for an extra rebuild level can still be an optional rule or card ability though.

There aren't any snake cards to use it with. Hope people make some.

Same thing here, though there are 3 cats to use and voltabot burgundy can make it a ratbox so it isn't too bad.
Basic TCG communityCreated a new topic Jam 3 idea
(1 edit)

Here's an idea for jam 3: an art battle for cards without a picture. Make a topic on the forums and have people post their pictureless/artless cards there. Each round then goes like this:

1.present a pictureless card from the submissions.

2.people make art for the presented card.

3.the presented card's creator chooses the winner.

Repeat until all submissions are used or most people become tired of it.

The submission thing is used so people can compile the artless cards together and to double as an announcement post.

(7 edits)

Patch notes: this & cheesus got a reworked holy protection that works like originally intended.

patch notes: this is level 2 now instead of 3

Patch notes 1:this no longer has the stupid level limit on _drink syrup_

Patch notes: reworked this completely.