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After having played this game for about 3 hours, I can honestly say, I've done EVERYTHING haha. The atmosphere was pretty nailed to the floor, the gameplay (As the first game)  was smooth and very responsive and running from the killer was incredibly easy with a skilled player behind the wheel, Not to say he can't kill ya with a slip up πŸ˜‰. The brightness of the game was better than the first, As it felt a little too dark whereis, this game, I could see better. The flashlight seemed to had seen improvements as well. The objective items were A LOT easier to find this time around, However "Midnight Mode" Seemed to bridge the gap in Difficulty. The story is pretty cool and seems to be coming along nicely with this 2nd entry, I'm curious where it will go next. The only issue i have with intentional design is the Pinpoint accuracy needed to grab items. While difficult, it is still Doable to grab an item while being chased, however it is frustrating to say the least. I experienced a number of bugs while playing, all are present in my video to help with fixes and patches. But all in all the game was an improvement over the first and was really great. I give it an astounding 9/10. Can't wait to see what's next! Btw! Fuck you and your door code! Lmao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£Still found it though....

See, all of this would had been great to know before spending 3 hours discovering everything on my own haha. But i'm proud to had made it without help. Great job guys!

Hey thanks Jon! I appreciate it! Looking forward to playing Kings Comfort.

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I played this for an indie horror video on my channel, so i might as well give a little review while i'm here. while it was rather short, it took me about an hour to complete it as the section in the decrepit building took the longest as i had to completely restart is every time i died.  Definitely good for some scares, and has great potential! My only complaints is the flashlight lacking in illuminating your surroundings and item pickups requiring near pinpoint clicks to grab them. The game was a lot easier than i made it out to be at the start, I'm not gonna go too far in this review as i gave more insight near the end of my video and i am aware there is a new game out so, i'll wait to give a updated review on what needs to be improved if anything when i play that game. Overall, 8/10 Not perfect, but definitely close for a first game! You can check out my playthrough below. Keep on keepin on scythe team! 

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Played this game for  FREE indie horror video. It's a fun little game with some interesting story. Not very original as its just the FNAF formula, however that doesn't mean it's bad by any means, although it is a fairly easy game. All in all i give it a 8/10. (Yes i'm aware it's still in development, and my opinion is of its current state) You can checkout my playthrough below. (ALSO! PLEASE CONSIDER ADJUSTING THE FOV TO A HIGHER NUMBER... I CANNOT STAND GAMES WITH FOV'S BELOW 70)

Played this on my channel and I honestly have to say i'm pretty disappointed with my playthrough. Posting here so that maybe the Dev can take my criticism and possibly make a better game. I understand this is a demo, but the game just doesn't work that well in its current state. My thoughts and opinions on the game are at the end ofcourse. 

Played this game as one of the games i played for my Halloween Special! And gotta say the game was really unique and it looked really pretty! Hope to see a full version soon! 

Played this game as one of the games i played for my Halloween Special! And gotta say the game was really unique and it looked really pretty! Hope to see a full version soon! 

No, problem! I always like helping and encouraging fellow creators!

I vote [YES] on the FOV slider please. All PC games should come with that feature, as some people get headaches and even motion sick when the FOV is too low. Plus, a higher FOV just looks nicer. It's cool to set it at a "Recommended" FOV, that's fine, but give people the option to adjust it incase of reason I just listed.

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So, It would appear I'm one of the few to complete the game and upload it! Quick review: FOV was way too low for my liking, Screen effects from getting hit were terrible and rendered the game unplayable from getting hit 3 time, forcing people to restart, No clear indication of exactly what to do and where to do it, as well as unclear when holding an item (Recommend an icon on screen when holding an item) Got stuck A LOT while trying to traverse the house, also VERY DARK, consider adding a brightness slider please. All in all, looking past all the bugs and or issues. It was a decent game and somewhat fun to play Story was cool, and the monster was unique. i give it an 8/10. You can watch my full playthrough of the game as well as how to finish it, below! Thanks!

Sorry if I came across a little harsh on the review. I was just trying to be as honest as possible to help you make better games in the future. 😊

Quick review: Could had been a bit longer, Jumps scares a bit too frequently, A little too dark (Personal opinion), Good atmosphere, does a decent job keeping you a bit on edge, PLEASE OPT FOR A DIFFERENT FONT FOR PAGES!,Most objects have no collision, Spooky, good to kill 15 minutes. All on all, I give it a personal rating of 7/10. Not inherently bad, but could use work. (Yes I am aware it was made as part of a Jam)
If you want to check out my playthrough of this game, you can do so below. Thanks!

I have to say, most free indie horrors are boring and crap, but this one was actually pretty good. It really touched on a subject of family members dying and that's a subject I am unfortunately going through right now. I give this game a 7.5/10 and I recommend you play it! You can checkout my short but sweet playthrough of this game instead, if you want, here: