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I think I like the idea of this game more than this iteration of it. 

I like the idea of shooting your way through the level, making your own path, but I found that it was more reliable to not shoot at all, and keeping the walls for cover or for wall jumping. If there were more of a reason to explore the level horizontally, I'd shoot more, but as is, the health or rockets from the chests weren't enough incentive.

I generally liked the movement. The tumble jump in particular felt pretty good, and I like the sections in the autoscrolling level encouraging you to use it. The wall jumping didn't feel as good though, particularly with how I slid up the wall unpredictably. I suspect it might be a bug with wall jumps on a tile boundary.

I managed to get to the boss a few times, but I gave up when I saw I would need to jump on it 6 times after using the 2 rockets you start with.

There is a good core of a game here, and if you plan on continuing development on it, I would be happy to check out any updates.

I ran into a small bug in phase 3, where I used a seed launcher to plant a tree under a conveyance port. The port was being counted as a building that needed to be removed, but acted like a tree in all other respects. When I exited to the main menu, and continued my game, the port was gone, replaced by the tree.

I'm enjoying the game so far though. The theme is refreshing to see, and the pixel art is lovely. I particularly appreciate the zen mode option. I look forward to playing more!