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Maybe I've just got Metal Gear Solid too ingrained in me, but I saw the exclamation mark as a warning, not an invitation.  Everything else that moved that I touched killed me, and they did just eat one of the other robots, so I was wary of touching anything else.  I'd see if this is common before making any changes, but I think having them approach you in a scripted sequence might have worked better for me.  I'm thinking when you walk on the tile directly south of them, they approach you, and automatically start following you around.  As long as you lock player movement so they can't kill themselves while it's happening, I think I'd see that as an unambiguous sign of friendliness.  

I enjoyed this.  I really enjoyed how all the enemy movement was timed to the music. Having the enemy rhythm reflected in the music was nice for timing movement.  I also appreciate how you can immediately go back to find the rest of the stars if you're missing any.  I did run into a couple minor roadblocks though.  In the second room, I spent too much time trying to go into the center area from the wrong tile.  On the far left of the room, you can see the floor tile to walk though, so I assumed the tile above the door was the one you're supposed to walk though, and spent a minute trying to figure out how to keep the gate open to walk through.

The second roadblock I hit was with your friend you rescue.  I now see the gif getting them to follow you, but I initially assumed they were also an enemy and avoided them until after checking out every other room.

All in all, a pretty decent game with some good timing puzzles, and a pretty cute 10 star ending.