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Oh shooting enemies and stuff is all functional, they just cant fight back yet (Edit: they do now)

Seems goose gets lost in the void when dealing with multiple monitors best site for indie devs!

Oh wow this looks really cute and fun!

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Hello everyone, i have been working on this game since around the start of November and have finally gotten around to making this post about it, i hope everyone enjoys what i'm creating here!

BoxJump is a 2D Minimalistic Platformer that is currently Work in Progress,  plays very much like a classic Mario clone (well almost), currently hard at work on the next update and i'm hoping to make it a big occasion!!!

BoxJump Itch page!

Gratz on Release!

Working on some small bits here and there, made some cosmetic improvements to the Main Menu with more to come later 

Box Jump community · Created a new topic WIP Sneak Peak

Adding this topic board so that i can share  what im working on!

This is awesome, will continue to follow

Box Jump community · Created a new topic Bug Reports
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Post all your bugs that you have found here!

current bugs that i the developer have found

  • Animation sometimes gets stuck when taking damage
  • Ground check sometimes fails and stops you from jumping Fixed (i think)
  • Player can clip through walls a little too much
  • there isnt a 2nd level yet    Fixed