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I know I'm not the only one. This will go viral soon because I think almost everyone has this problem.

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Ok Devs. Bug is this; I just spawned out of my Raft as soon as I logged into the game. Without my items as well. There was no junk floating around either. This happened after the last update. Rest of this is just what I went through before I died(spoilers!).

So I loaded my game and found myself swimming in the ocean with a big sun annoying my face. No raft close by, no junk to loot from nearby or not even my items that were suppose to be on my inventory. I tried to survive like this but it's just not possible. After swimming mindlessly for some time I found the junks really far away from where I was spawned*. Found a loot raft but couldn't built anything on it and the loot raft started to go down as soon as I touched it. After swimming(again) for a while I found an island but couldn't get on top of it because it was too high. Barely managed to stay on the rocks below the island and slowly accepted my death looking at the moon. 

Seconds before I die my island just vanished and had to die looking surprised. Wanted to have a cool moment looking at the moon but the game didn't even give me that. SO, I took a save seconds before I died in hopes of recovering myself. My friend is going to try to log in before I die when I load the game and I will hope that he will spawn with a raft. If he doesn't I won't delete that save* because it has too much memory. Did Devs just got too emotional on the Ant-Man ending or what?

**Side note: the ones with * are the words that I edited in . You don't have to believe me I don't believe edited texts either but I'm telling the truth.

**Side note 2: the ones with ** are the words that I edited again. I had to edit again because if words that start with * are the edited ones then Side note should've started with * as well but I forgot to add that so here we are.