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Thanks! :)

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Hey! We recently posted a dev blog about how we made the shooting system.

Here it is

It's a bit technical so you may want to pass it to your programmer or whatever. Post on the blog any questions or thoughts about it.

Hope it helps!

Well, your laptop isn't running the game because of the hardware but we are not really sure of the min specs needed. Obviously on your PC it should really work, and we are aware of the varying framerates (which are probably caused by the amount of pieces rolling and such), but optimization is hard and we tried our best within our deadlines.

The camera going through things is something we wanted to fix, but again our time was limited.  Anyways, you can invert the camera axis in the pause menu ( Options->Controls ).

Again thanks for your feedback!

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Thanks for at least trying to play!

We known there are some areas within the game and the interface that could be highly improved, but it's not likely to happen, this is a college project and now that we ended our classes its development is gonna be paused indefinetly. But still your feedback is great for our future projects :D

However, we are totally looking forward to resolve the issue that stops the game from running for certain people, like you.

Please, could you tell us your specs?

Thanks again!

pd: also, no, there is no sound in the game... :( we just didn't have the time to put it in. We might solve that in the near future, though,

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Thanks ^^

We were thinking of releasing a tutorial / tech post about how we did that. We'll let you know it when it's done.

However it's a tricky effect so things may get a bit technical but we'll do our best.

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Do you mean the "paint-shooting" system?

pd: thanks for downloading and playing ^^