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not really big ones but little ones whenn too many enemys are close to you

it runs smoothly i use o windows 7 :D

4 things 

1. I LOVE THE GAME! im up to cerberus (right spelling?) and he is so hard!

2. i think you should change the walkers speed or at least animations cause it looks a bit weird

3.what does marksman revolver actually do?

4 how much would the full game be ill definatly consider buying it if it less the $7

again AWESOME game!

oh wow the person who commented on rick henderson!!!

(that was a very good game and this is too!)

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his looks like a fun game just downloading now and when i get and play i tell you what i think tommorow!


ok thank you just my power in my town was going off in a 10 mins at the time (because of some emergency broken power line) so i didnt get time too lol

ok thx also i dont know what my computer has lol luckily this didnt appeal to me much lol

is this a good game?

just syaing dont want to ruin space..

lol there was another one called this

never actually used but really cool!

oh cool in aseprite pretty good!

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oh wow i was tryign to find a game like r-type and i found one! 

good job and keep pumping out updates and maybe even try put on the switch! (or console)

also how did you make the sprites they are really nice, were they in asesprite?

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YAY ITS DONE *edit* oh woops still day 27 lol just saw the screenshots tho and its looks SO COOL cant wait until you release it!