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Now I need a nice game idea to use this masterpiece. 

Damn tahts it thx. Didnt saw it

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This one is great too, but I was searching for a tempel that was a bit more like a pyramid from inside with traps and stuff. Maby I modify that one from your message. It will do. Thanks for your help. Have a nice day/night

I will use this. I love it. Is something like an underground temple in this style planed? Would love it. Really like your work, keep it up. :)

Thank you!

Thank you for the feedback. I'll work on the bugs and the clouds if there is enought time.  Hope you have a nice day! :D

Glad you enjoyed it

Thank you :)

Hey :)

I made a little endless runner with this Tileset. Its a really early version, but I decided to publish it. If you wanna try the game you can click here. Feedback would be really nice. I really love your work and I hope you still publish some nice assets in the future. Have a nice day an stay healthy.

Jonas :D