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Hey fella, they're just expressing their opinion, no need to sound so defensive <3

Created a new topic Feature Suggestions
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  • Ability to place muscles anywhere on the bone
  • Ability to increase simulation speed (updates per second)
    (along with not rendering / rendering less)
  • Perhaps optimize it a bit

No engine, just JS and HTML5

Walking at an angle shakes the screen, annoying.

Very good game

I just don't think it'd be fun to.

Posted in a solo play

Who would want to play against themselves, I believe that they want a game mode specifically against a bot, OR made to be played alone.

Alright, sounds good.

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If I press Q to stow an item while teaching a robot, it doesn't stow the item, is there another way of making them? Or do I have to make them drop the item and pick it up again?

This is all I have from Madgarden as of the moment.

It is quite the shame, I'm so hyped for the game.

Replied to Madgarden in NEWS

Alright, sounds good, just curious.

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So, is the plan for RUMBLE to come out soon then? Or, is it going to be closer to winter?