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how to fix ''You do not have permission to open the application “Mac”.'' on a mac????????????????

open "floppy minecraft.exe"

you press the download button that is next to ur computer's icon then unzip the game and open it.


powerpoint... crap

If u have an older macOS version (Mavericks for example), the software in the folder requires at least macOS Sierra.

If u figured out how to open them on Mavericks, good 4 u cuz if it doesn't, just go find the older version of the same software on the internet.

The thing is, I suggest u to use this pack in macOS Sierra or higher, thats all lmao.

Hello Anonymous, 

I tried this method in both admin and non-admin macOS accounts but it still doesn't work. I maybe did a mistake in this process. I just want to know that the "PLACEFILENAMEHERE" in your message should contain the .app extension for it to work?

Best regards,

AutomateDevvy (or ADev)

idk why i'm writing a letter cuz it looks like i'm writing an email to u.

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I'm going to try this in both accounts.

It's a nice game but I can't open it for some reason... even when I'm on the macOS admin account.

Bro nice game

It won't launch on macOS and I can't figure out how to open it.