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Very much enjoyed the playthrough, a swell job by all involved!

Nice job man

Got an email saying you had released this and just immediately downloaded to try. Pretty nifty idea actually, was a fun quick play.  Cheers Sir!

Absolutely loved this game, well worth the money and a true gem. Thanks for the great playthrough Sir. My hats off to you!

not sure whats going on with this, I wandered around so much me and the evil thing became friends and then strangers in passing. It was quite upsetting when he stopped paying attention to me 

Very fun game, worth the price. Has the right amount of fear without being over the top.

No problem man, you always make good content. And good to know!

Excellent man, I cannot wait to get cracking on it. What is more beneficial to you, buying it here or on steam? Always been curious if there is a difference 

will do! enjoyed the demo 

Well I tried again today and now its downloading so hopefully we are good now ;)

bought game, when I click to download, nothing happens