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Oh gotcha, yeah I do like the leave it up to your interpretation at the moment but I always want to know more haha.

Whats up dude! Just finished the game and I must say its very well done for the time it took. A little hard to tell what exactly made the character do what was done but still nice. Liked the atmosphere and creep factor. Kept you on your toesy woesies.

Of course a video to try and lure people hahaha. Thanks for being a great dude and keep up the good work sir!

Well as you lads and lady(maybe more than one?) I played and enjoyed it. Very well put together game, not too hard, not easy and interesting. Definitely worth the price. I dont want to ruin anyones experience by spoilers but if you like a creepy game, a story and being able to defend yourself this is a good purchase. I always feel like I am trying to lure people to the channel by posting videos but when asked I will so for anyone interested below are my vids.


Pretty fun lil game here. Thought it had the right amount of what and eeriness to it. Nice job


I gave it a go, failed but thanks for the game ya'll. Its quite good.

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Was very impressed with the game, quality was great and I was super surprised on the length of it. I am sure its not as long as mine do to wandering and just having fun with it but definitely worth the price which I was happy to see. That sounds odd, wanting to spend money but there are a few good dev's like yourselves that put out free stuff all the time so its nice you know you can get something, especially when its like this. Keep it up. As you said, posting a link to my fun with the game. Thanks again! Keep on rockin'

oh wow, had no idea, I will definitely try the new version then. Thanks!

Enjoyed it immensely, had just the right about of scary

As you know(dev) I played it and enjoyed the game for what it is which is very good for a game done in a short period of time. Matt does a good job with every game/demo he puts out, something that is rarely said in this genre of games.

My experience:

Very much enjoyed the playthrough, a swell job by all involved!

Nice job man

Got an email saying you had released this and just immediately downloaded to try. Pretty nifty idea actually, was a fun quick play.  Cheers Sir!

Absolutely loved this game, well worth the money and a true gem. Thanks for the great playthrough Sir. My hats off to you!

not sure whats going on with this, I wandered around so much me and the evil thing became friends and then strangers in passing. It was quite upsetting when he stopped paying attention to me 

Very fun game, worth the price. Has the right amount of fear without being over the top.

No problem man, you always make good content. And good to know!

Excellent man, I cannot wait to get cracking on it. What is more beneficial to you, buying it here or on steam? Always been curious if there is a difference 

will do! enjoyed the demo 

Well I tried again today and now its downloading so hopefully we are good now ;)

bought game, when I click to download, nothing happens