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Thank you very much!!

Thank you!!

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Hi! Thank you very much for the kind words. The music is from a friend of the customer that asked me to make this game. If you want I can make a game for you! Just contact me on Discord. Also if you want try the demo of my new game, my best so far:

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Hi! I putted my game on pre-order with a file that is just as a placeholder, also I made 2 reward on the game to have some advantage for the buyer. Can they have the game when is full released without pay again? Also if they haven't any itchio account?

Thank you very much in advance for your answer!!!

So cool!! I loved it!! :D

Prego!! Menomale che anche noi Italia abbiamo dei grandi sviluppatori di videogiochi tipo voi!!!

Veramente una figata. Complimenti!!

Hi! Thanks a lot for changing the colours!! Great game!!


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Really cool!!! Congrats =)

Hi! I'm Unitech, an indie game developer, finally after 2 months I made the level 12 of my new game, Spooky Zombies, watch this video to see all what I made, subscribe to my channel if you are developer because I publish video of tips for developers and if you are a gamer subscribe too because you'll see really cool things in the near future! Thank you very much in advance!!!


Hi! I finally received the payout, thank you very much!

Ok, thank you so much!!!!

Ok thanks, so I'll recieve my money soon?

Hi! I started a payout 35 days ago but it's still in review, am I the only one at the moment that have a payout with a so long delay? How much time I still have to wait? Thank you very much in advance for your help!!

I worked 7 months on that game 

So? I use Kenney assets too do you have problems with that? This was my first game so I didn't know how to make digital art, now I'm learning pixel art 


You have to kill the enemies, when you have $1000 or more you can use the weapons

If you want to download the game and subscribe to his channel, this is the link:

Yes I think the same, thanks for the feedback, I'll work on it!!! Subscribe to the channel of the youtuber because he make cool videos!!

Awesome game!! Congrats!

WOW!!!! I love your art and your games! I'm learning to draw and is really hard so I appreciate a lot these games!!! Keep them up! Congratulations!!!

Thank you very much, this is my first jam, I reached a lot of negative comments from stupid jealous people but create games is my passion so I love make them!!


Thanks for the feedback! Yes I know about the collisions, I'll fix them!

Thanks!! :D

Really good game!! I given 5 stars for all

XD XD XD Really funny thanks!!! You made my day happy!! Thanks!!

Thank you very much!!

Ok, thanks!!!


Thank you very much for your feedback!!! I'm not discuraged, the game is going well and I'm here just for improve myself, I make games from 1st April 2020 and this is the first time that I made a game with a lot of graphics made by myself, unfortunately I don't had a lot of time to work on, after the game jam I'll problably fix some bug, but I had a lot of fun making it!!! And I don't think that is shit because a lot of people said me that is good and I don't understand the jealous people that said me that the music is bad because it is made by a professional musician that is in my team. This was my first jam but I learned a lot of tricks to make games more fastly.

Your game too!

What win the winner and how many winners can be? Thanks for the answer!!

Yes I know Aabout the hitboxes, today I was busy but when jam is ended I'll fix it!!! Thank you for your feedback!!!

Thank you very much!!!!!!

I'll probably finish it after the jam!!

Ok!! But the time that I had for make it was very very little, I had several unexpected events that didn't make me work 100% on the jam

Click on the enemies to kill them

Hi! If you want to support me can you make a let's play on my games? Now they are in bundle: that can help me a lot, thank you very much in advance!!!