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A member registered Jan 24, 2017

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It's my first time here and I made this account so I could leave this comment. This is the first game I played anything on itch.io and I am simply amazed. The first thing that attracted me to this visual novel among many others is the character design. Obviously, if I am to play an otome game I have to like the appearance of the characters and you really nailed it.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but when I saw your username and a redhead as a suitor, I couldn't help but think I found a fellow fan of a certain character from Kuroko no Basuke xD Even tough their personalities differ, his arrogance resembles Teiran's and you couldn't have made me happier. It was my goal and to find a character similar to Akashi in an otome game (because that's the dream). If you have no idea what I'm saying just ignore this paragraph.

I hope you don't mind my fangirling, I will somehow survive till December. I have seen in other comments that Teiran doesn't have many fans, and that was a second reason for me making an account here. Please don't give up on him as a romantic option. Yeah, Noah has an attractive orgin and I like his personality the best, and Emry is almost in a position of the old school childhood friend from anime, but I have a feeling Teiran's route will be the best. There are so many characters that seem off at first, only to find them very vulnerable and caring if they let you to really meet them (for example that redhead I can't stop talking about).

I understand you are busy and you are free to ignore all this text (especially if you never seen KnB and think I'm a lunatic) but can you just answer this one question. Is the Tumblr account updated regularly or is it better to stick to itch.io for the fastes news?

P.S. I hope you are not too weird out and sorry for the inconvenience of having your character being compared to someone else's.

Best wishes for you and your work.