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Awesome! (This is @ScratchTheGreatest) You might want to use Time.timeScale to freeze time when you collect the powerup.


Thanks! I'm glad you had fun and got to feel like Spider-Man. :) I was considering adding an ability to pull up the ball, but I didn't end up having enough time. Game jams, am I right? ;)

Wow, thanks for the detailed feedback! The softlocks probably could have been avoided with a bit more playtesting on my part, but that's game jams! :/ You're actually supposed to fall into the pit and find an upgrade to make your way out, so I guess you played a bit TOO well! :)

Thanks! If only I had another day, or two... or thirty. ;) I'd love to see what you decide to do with the idea, so go ahead! :D

Thanks for the feedback! Sorry you were frustrated... :/

Thanks! I'm glad you were surprised :)

Thanks! That's Unity for you... ;)

Pretty good for only a day. I feel like another coat of polish would have made this great. Also, it's a bit cheese when the faces spawn right on the player. :/

For some reason, I just find this game really appealing :) I won't mention the tutorial button, but the regular game is pretty addicting!

Fun little arcadey romp! I don't know if it changes later on, but the looks get pretty samey pretty quickly. Still, I like the atmosphere. :)


I like the disco theme! The weapon combinations seemed pretty samey, but I did only use one, so... ;)

Love the old computer-type aesthetic! The difficulty curve is a bit steep, but what can you do in a jam :/ Also, very juicy! :D

Thanks! I guess great minds think alike... ;)

This is a great minimalist-type game! The difficulty curve is a bit tough, though. Other than that, I like the mechanics!

Thanks! The controls may be slow, but that just makes them more fun to master! :)

Nice, relaxing game for 3 hours. I wish it was a bit longer, which I think is a good sign. ;)

You never know what you could find in video games! :)

Thanks! I wanted to make the dialogue pretty big so everyone could read it on any screen, but it may have gotten a bit out of hand. I had fun making the paint part, so I’m glad you liked it! :D

Thanks! But that’s kinda sus…

Thanks! I made the sound effects myself. :)

Not the most original, but very fun! The difficulty curve is also a bit quick. I also love the graphics, they are very slick!

Pretty fun, and mad props for making a 3D game! I did end up encountering a couple glitches (including not being able to press "Restart"), but other than that, the gameplay is pretty solid. :)

Very unique idea! I didn't think about the theme that way. The gameplay was pretty solid, but I think being able to restart the level after a game over would make it a bit more agreeable. Other than that, a bit more polish and I could see this game being amazing! Also, I like the music :)

I like this one, very original for the theme! I like the dimension of learning the uses of all the objects, but the dog specifically is a little confusing. Otherwise, great game! :)

Thank you! I agree that the controls are a bit tough to use, but that just makes them more satisfying to master! I also love the paint. :)

Thanks for the feedback! I agree I could have worked on the grapple physics a little bit more. I contemplated adding a restart button, and I guess I should have! :/ I'm glad you were able to beat it, though. I had a lot of fun making Dully's thoughts and other touches like that. :D

Nope! It just has to be a roguelike.

Looks cool! I'm excited to see where it goes.

The correct grammar would be "The Mansion Built by No One", so I'd use that one. You could also do something like "The Mansion Built by No Man", but that's up to you. :)

Pretty OK knockoff of the dino game. I like how it plays in the browser!

Pretty good for a first game! I can definitely see this as an 80's cash grab arcade game ;)

It's not great right now, but I can see it being a lot more fun with some more levels! Also, I guess that kind of fits the theme :)

Wow, this is a great game! I loved the premise and the gameplay. The game has plenty of replay value as well. It certainly left me wishing for more.

This was a pretty cool Asteroids-type game! I liked the gameplay, but it was a bit difficult and I ended up not being able to beat it. A few subtle changes, like an arrow pointing to the asteroid, would have been appreciated (especially if the arrow was faulty!).

This was a great idea for a game! I loved the art style and the gameplay. However, the level design is very simplistic and the puzzles are extremely obvious.  I'm sure that, with more levels, this could be an amazing game.

Thanks for the feedback! You only have a set number of hits in each level, and if you don't get the ball in the hole after these hits, you have to restart the course.

I'm glad you liked it! Regarding the input code, you're right and I probably should have moved the input code to Update. Whoops! I haven't played Sproinger yet, but I plan to in the near future.