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"La Puta"  --> The wh*re (Spanish)

Nice game though



Still waiting for the OST...

I think it was intentional, to try to give it the aesthetic of a lost ps2 game



The Pickling continues...


You crazy son of a b*tch, you made it:


Gregory is back! On a horror game...

Nice! The only major criticism would be the sheer difficulty of the last two levels before the final level. Especially the second one, since the samurai has a bad tendency to slide off ledges.

I hate Sotiris...


I think that's how it works since you can't even use it while driving the boat


Can confirm it is true

It would be nice to have access to the soundtrack...

While I like the concept and mechanics like many have mentioned in the comment section, I have to add that the performance in my PC was trashy at the chase sequence and some of the hitboxes of the "Black goo" were a little too large.

Same, I have asked in the AngrySmile discord, they know nothing about what happened. His twitter account is nowhere to be seen, his discord is also gone (and I was in it). For facts, charlmes wrote that he was moving from his home while the jam was ending and has a new job. I heavily doubt it is a scam (he was very active in the community and did the jams for free) either way he didn't got that much money in his patreon. It appears that he may have taken a break from the jams duo of of the already mentioned events which in addition with great amount of games to be reviewed adds a lot a pressure. That's the only other conclusion I can get to.

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With cute aesthetics and a lovable plot, this game was pleasant for me to play. Still, I think I spend more time playing with coming up for names for my protagonist than reading (it's quite a short game).

At least you have the motivation to at least make something, I think with that it makes you more creative than some of us (including me :l).

With this very short review aside, I give your game 8/10 IGN points.

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Ah, another gentleman using the Quest engine for their game.

There is not much I can say duo for other reviewers pointing out details, yet if there is something that I particularly loved was the characters of the young and the old man with their intriguing relationship. 

It was a joy to read about each of the characters backstories and based on it come to a decision at the end between continue travelling unto the unknown or staying on what you have been familiar for all your life. Also, the music is immersive and relaxing to hear. 

With that said, good job on this Game Jam! You do have writing skills and I hope to see more works from you.

I give this game 8/10 IGN points.

P.S. Sorry for the late review...

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*EDIT: The problem comes with the first lamp, I haven't managed to get the key of that one. Maybe I'm just stupid. :p

Hey, here we are all beginners, and you have made more games that I have done, so don't let scores and reviews get on your head if you had fun making this game. :)

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No, don't worry about it. We are here to learn and improve as developers. The music is not bad, it just needs more variety. You still did make a very good job on this game jam.

Also, do you know how to solve the lamp puzzle?

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 Ok, since there isn't much reviews in this comment section, it seems I have to write it myself. 

 Visually, the game looks great, the blending of 3d and 2d objects/characters reminds me in a positive way to the Paper Mario artstyle. Nicely done there!

 I like that you included voice acting, however it would help if it had as well subtitles since it is hard to figure out at times what are the characters saying. But I found the acting ok. The humor was another thing I found it likable.

 As for gameplay, it is nothing too innovative, again, you did this in a few weeks and instead focused more on the story, which I found it good.  The final fight was rather overwhelming, however.

 Aside from typos and a few bugs, the game ran without problems in my pc, but unfortunately this has not been the case for other users.

 I give this game a 7/10 IGN points. Good work on this game jam!