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With cute aesthetics and a lovable plot, this game was pleasant for me to play. Still, I think I spend more time playing with coming up for names for my protagonist than reading (it's quite a short game).

At least you have the motivation to at least make something, I think with that it makes you more creative than some of us (including me :l).

With this very short review aside, I give your game 8/10 IGN points.

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Ah, another gentleman using the Quest engine for their game.

There is not much I can say duo for other reviewers pointing out details, yet if there is something that I particularly loved was the characters of the young and the old man with their intriguing relationship. 

It was a joy to read about each of the characters backstories and based on it come to a decision at the end between continue travelling unto the unknown or staying on what you have been familiar for all your life. Also, the music is immersive and relaxing to hear. 

With that said, good job on this Game Jam! You do have writing skills and I hope to see more works from you.

I give this game 8/10 IGN points.

P.S. Sorry for the late review...

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*EDIT: The problem comes with the first lamp, I haven't managed to get the key of that one. Maybe I'm just stupid. :p

Hey, here we are all beginners, and you have made more games that I have done, so don't let scores and reviews get on your head if you had fun making this game. :)

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No, don't worry about it. We are here to learn and improve as developers. The music is not bad, it just needs more variety. You still did make a very good job on this game jam.

Also, do you know how to solve the lamp puzzle?

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 Ok, since there isn't much reviews in this comment section, it seems I have to write it myself. 

 Visually, the game looks great, the blending of 3d and 2d objects/characters reminds me in a positive way to the Paper Mario artstyle. Nicely done there!

 I like that you included voice acting, however it would help if it had as well subtitles since it is hard to figure out at times what are the characters saying. But I found the acting ok. The humor was another thing I found it likable.

 As for gameplay, it is nothing too innovative, again, you did this in a few weeks and instead focused more on the story, which I found it good.  The final fight was rather overwhelming, however.

 Aside from typos and a few bugs, the game ran without problems in my pc, but unfortunately this has not been the case for other users.

 I give this game a 7/10 IGN points. Good work on this game jam!

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Damn, the feels. 

I have never passed through depression (or wished to be), but this little W.I.P.  has given me a little insight on the lives of those  suffering through anxiety and mental illness. The intrusive thoughts was perhaps the most eerie element of this game and the one that disturbed me the most. 

  Do me a favor, and finish this W.I.P., even if it means giving this tale a downer/bittersweet ending. 

And don't forget to smile...

I give this game a 9/10 IGN points.

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Long review ahead, skip to the end if you wish to read the results...

NOTE: This review is based on first impressions, to this day I haven't finished the game yet, so it is prone to chances, which in that case, this review will be edited.


The retro style gives you the feels of playing a haunted GameBoy game, the plot is intriguing, the characters look rather fleshed out, and Sara looks creepy as hell. 

There is a mix of puzzle solving and humor which add variety to the game. 

In these points, good job.

However, this game has several flaws: 

1) The music, while atmospheric at first, it is irritating to hear once you have heard it loop on itself several times.

2) It is a little difficult to see where are the entrances and exits for the rooms/levels, especially past the main door.

3) The lamp puzzle, while intuitive, may drive away new players after trying to solve it the 20th time.

4) I'm sorry to say the following, duo of how much problems you had programming her, but Sara behavior is rather odd and a bit buggy. Sometimes she will appear straight up from the beginning, leaving me without a chance to escape, and other times she would not appear at all. 

It seems to be a trick to avoiding her once she appears that I haven't cracked yet.


Overall, this is an unique creepy game with charm and lots of work put into it, with several strengths, mixed with several flaws that I can't ignore.

Still, you manage to code it all yourself in a month, and for that I congratulate you, you did more that I would manage to do.

I give this game: a 6/10 IGN points. Nice job! 

 I have to be honest for once: the one thing that actually nearly caused me to fall of my chair was not the eerie wind, nor the fast heartbeat, not even the creepy lady at the waterfall, it was the horrifying call of: "REEZE?!!

Love the atmosphere and sound effects, the images and slow/unskippable text brought you very immersed in the world. I was sincerely waiting at every second for a jumpscare to pop up at my face. But apparently it wasn't needed in this game, you had other elements to replace it and still make it horrific.

Good work, if anything, I would like to know how you implemented the sound effects on Twine, since other devs in the jam (including me) tried with their games and didn't manage to pull it off.

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Thanks for the tips, I will try your recommendations soon enough. It is still rather confusing (I have no coding skills, aside for copy and pasting) to comprehend the steps, yet I will give it a shot. A journal could work, but you will need to show how it would be done.

Also, since you also had problems with adding music to your game, here's the code I used on Quest to put in the music:  

It is very simple, at the cost of each time the player clicks a game link, it will repeat back from the beginning, causing the minor audio problems I had at my game.

Now that I think of it, since we both are looking to adding the same features in our games, and your game is still in W.I.P., you could trade me tips as you continue on to finish your game while I add those on mine as well. Just saying...

Somehow, this game made me appreciate poetry as a form of storytelling and art (I hate poetry class). And for that, I can say that it is no ordinary game.

Good art and music adds atmosphere to the grimm, but calm world the protagonist is trapped in. I loved the little details spreaded through the game, such as the objects related to the person's death surrounded by flies. It kind of gives a creepy Limbo vibe.

As for criticism, I would point out that there is no option to skip/accelerate dialogue and as a nitpick the fact that the game is quite short to play.

Anyways, incredible work making this game, and with my critical views, I think we might have found a new Game Jam winner. :)

I give this game, a 9/10 IGN points


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I'm glad you enjoyed it! For me it was the contrary, I started with Twine, gave up (curse you, audio problems) and moved to Quest.

Quest has its ups and downs: it is simple to write, add images and music, and there is a dedicated community of devs using the platform, but it is very easy to get lost while writing (unlike Twine), you can only install the application on Windows (hence the upper link I gave for the Mac users), and there is little assistance on the web when it comes to coding duo of it being overshadowed by other engines such as Twine, Unity, etc. (all which are good on their own).

In other words, in both engines you can make great games, but it takes time and effort to get used to each individually.

Ironically, the hardest parts of the progress of making this game was not writing it, but adding the music and publishing it, duo for the engine's limitations.

Don't feel guilty about having to gaze at a dictionary, or having to look at Wikipedia each 15 seconds to know what is the difference between a "Deinotherium" or a "Homotherium". Scientists are not the best when it comes to naming. :/ 

I'm interested on your idea of adding an encyclopedia in-game, of course in order to do that I would need to find how to code it, and again there is not much help on the web.  

Still, thanks for putting time on my game and review. It really means to me, as cheesy as it sounds.

0/10, it was too cute, heartwarming, and well written for me. Doesn't help the fact that the protagonist and his friends fate away in the end.

Really though, I am astonished you did this in the little time there were in the jam. I'll say, I think we found a possible winner for the jam, in my amateur critic opinion. Good work!

If there is something I want to see in a story is well fleshed out characters and an original premise, and I'm glad that this story has both of them. The humor is also rather funny, if not dark on times.

Is it perfect? No, there some flaws there and there, the background while giving a good sense of atmosphere it makes the text hard to read at times, and we cannot forget that one typo that sneaks past production.

For your first game jam and solo project, I can say that you did a good job delivering a intriguing story and characters, and since this is a W.I.P, I'm excited to see what you will come out to expand this world you created. 

Lastly, if there is something I would a tip for once you work on the full game is that any antagonists/"villains"  should have a motivation behind their acts, it normally shouldn't be just "for the evulz!",  unless it is an important character trait for it (example, the Joker) .  However, this just my view and this is your work, not mine, so you are free to alter it whether you like.

 Sorry for the long review, I just had to take it out of my chest. And good work! I give this game a 8/10 IGN points.

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Don't worry, I came out with a solution:

I researched a bit and discovered that although Quest cannot be installed on Mac, it still can be played online in the following link:

I don't think so, but...

Do you have any other computer that is windows, because that is the only device Quest is in...

Thanks for the criticism, sorry about the music; I tried to make it loop indefinitely even when making a choice, but I couldn't code it... :/