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Thanks :)

 Do you not have a pay with credit card option for this?  it seems I can only pay with paypal.

Also is there any way I can can get a hold of you off-site? like an email or something?


This extension is friggin awesome... And so much helpful documentation. This is EXACTLY what I need. Now just to integrate it into my game. Thanks a bunch for all of your help. I will be buying this tomorrow. UG

Thanks for the helpful reply, I already know that grey scale is not the way I want to go as I have messed with it in the past. But tinting already colored body parts is exactly what I need to do ( and I know I'm limited :)). Answered all of my questions, problem is though I cannot get the test tool to work. I get this

Then this

I loaded the json file from the exports folder for my beast

Thanks, UG.

I have been making a creature breeder in GM 1.4 for the past couple years and something I have always wanted to do is color individual body parts. It was something I could not do so I ended up giving the entire body the "tint". I keep my RGB numbers in the high range to keep my colors "light". I was wondering if I could still do this with your system WITHOUT using grey scale body parts? Could I use your system to add a light splash of color to already colored body parts? Also, will it run ok using the version of spine I have and the runtimes I use? I use an older version of Spine and older runtimes because of issues with 1.4. 

If this is possible I would be more than happy to purchase your lovely extension, thanks for making this. :)