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The artstyle is wonderful, and i like the concept of the game. The game is not yet finished so ofcourse there are a few bugs, but instead of releasing a demo you should let a few testers try the game and maybe let them look for bugs, because i saw this flash by in the comments and that is that you cant re-enter the forest after youve left the game, the reason for this is the quest that the blacksmith gives at the beginning of the game, when you exit after finishing the quest you'll get the bug, but if you dont finish it and exit, the game resets the quest giving you permission to enter the forest, but im not sure if it saves the money youve earned in the forest. I also saw a few mistakes in the h scenes for example mouse's boob falling half off of her body when shes doing it with a gob, maybe you should look at that too, im pretty sure youve already heard this and are already trying to fix the problem. There are a few audio bugs with mouse's lines. I also saw kinshar made a comment about being unable to open the treasure chests, i also had this problem, but i just stood on the left side of the chest afterwards and it would work. Im not sure what the reason could be, but maybe you do. Im looking forward to the game :D, and why does Jessika sound like a guy trying really badly to sound like a girl?