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I need to do that "final" update soon

Another cool text fan I see... Great game!

Thank you so much :)

Thanks :)

Thanks for the feedback! I'm happy you liked it.

Thx dude I honestly rushed a bit as I had 12 hours to make it but I will keep that in mind next time 

thanks I'll add some of them

Thanks! Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I'm having fun making it and its nice to get some feedback :)

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Please comment any songs you thing I should add or any ways to improve!

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it! 65 is an impressive score as I can never get past 20. I agree the eagle can be pretty useless but its only there for a bit of extra challenge I think. :)

Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks dude! Glad you enjoyed it :

Glad you enjoyed it :)

the controller was a bit awkward but the game was fun :)

the controller was a bit awkward but the game was fun :)

best game so far :)

I'd love to help if I could as I'm looking into making some mobile games someday :)

np also I only use android though because ios is awkward

Also I love the space / shift as sticky key messed me up first time so bad lol

If you release this on mobile I guarantee I will play it again.

Honestly the music is a bit annoying and but I like how it is a simple to pick up game. :)

Love the idea but the character art looks different to the background making the scene look weird or wrong. It also felt a bit weird with the controls. It was fun overall! :)

A fun game! But it feels like a mobile game.  It's so simple but it's fun at the same time! :)

I raged several times but I honestly like the game it has a gravity dash vibe! Great game!

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Thanks again :)

I love the retro feel! The music is awesome and I love it! Only thing is the music is repetitive and unmutable and I had to mute my web page. Beside that love the old style :)

Cool game! My only criticism is there's no music and I personally can't see what this has to do with shape shifting.

Great game! Such a simple idea but executed so well!

Great idea! At first I was confused how it fit the theme but I love it! It is a bit repetitive but its the fun kind that you just don't care if it is! Nice. :)

Thanks for the feedback dude!  :)

I hope you had fun and I'll try not to make such annoying music next time lol

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Great game dude! I ended up rage quitting on level 2 but it's fun I just wish there was some music or more sound effects.  Another thing is the character controller feels like it's dragging almost but that's just my opinion, I recommend smoothing it out a bit but if that's what you're going for you do you dude. :) 

just realised I'm on the leaderboard 3 times lol

Thanks dude! The boar actually breaks the barrels but I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

np :)

np man :)

Good game! Maybe add some more levels but for what is there was amazing

Great game! I only found 1 bug where the animals were not on the circle and it was unclear what animal it was but I am unsure to how I got that but yeah good game guys!

Sorry I knew I missed the buttons lol I realised that while replaying yesterday. Thanks man.

Great game but it could use a tutorial or something to tell you the controls (sorry if there is and I missed it) also on level 2 I kept getting stuck on the block over the spikes. Nice one though