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Same here

I've waited 10 hours :v

Today update right?

The update was posted on 7th so I think it will be released publicly on 21st ( He said the update will be posted here 14 days after they have been realeased on Patreon)

Well, you just need to press ''Ignore'' but you will getthe feeling that we missed something  due to the error

You do know Yuuichi is a guy... @@

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Thanks a lot, the "secret" ending seem like a bad ending to me, especially Yuu (Poor guy ; - ;) being indecisive by not enjoying his last year with his friends and regret about it (just because of our choice to make it). It makes my heart hurts a lot when think about it

How did you guys do it? I've tried a lot before but nothing happen.

Oh, I thought Sho changed his clothes 

That's actually another bug Sanility, I've just played the route again and it didn't have the flashback the same as when the patch come out, it's a different one eventhough I come with Sho to the festival.

Uhm... anyone notice that Yuu is shirtless after got sick and got Sho took care of on day 6 ? Is this another new change?

It's actually down there (36 days ago), but since I deleted it so there's nothing for you to see 

I was the one who leak the full version back then (probably SFW) and delete it later in fact :3

The CG was added to the game in patch 0.23 so the previous patch doesn't have didn't tho so let me check again later...

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Oh, thx although I've already seen it since 0.24 came out

I did go to the festival with him 

Can you describe the teaser?

*Spoiler* Uhm...I've just played Shoichi route again and noticed that the flashback on day 15 although I did go to the festival with him on day 10 gone so is this another bug or new change?

*Spoiler* Help him --> Pull harder = Emotional CG :3

I think it's today since he posted the update for patreon around 10 in his country so be patient... 

np :p

Press "Ignore"

Maybe WOTB will add your thought to the game and let us choose the ending.

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Sorry about that WOTB ; - ; , I'm gonna delete the leak.

:3 I like Yuu best btw

It's still the same but he add it early to reduce the burden in the future, I still wonder CG 7,8,9 will be for the festival or not.

The song name is Watershine

I extracted TA files on android in order to get the song.