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Unai Estavillo Bonet

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Hi PixelPlant. I'm going to be honest, I don't even know how you got in here! This game was a little competition we did in discord to get featured in the game a while ago.

If you want to play the game right now, we have very early alphas if you are interested. Have a great day, and thanks a lot for the support, it means a lot to us.

What font did you use for the title? It's super cool!

My favorite one so far! Great graphics and fun story! Great job!

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Great graphics and cool concept!

Had  a lot of fun. Wish the energy bar refiled!

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Oh god no.

Really solid entry, loved the ragdolls!

The fact that you made a such looking game in 48h is amazing!

Loved it, good idea, better execution!

Super fun game! Good job!

Such a tricky and fun game! Love how you played with the game jam theme!

Awesome Art!

Such a cool game!

The sound design is super cool!

Such a peaceful and calm way to explain this types of problems! Great job!

Remember you can allways pause the cat to calculate your next move!

Loved It! I've seen a couple of shoot to move, but i belive this one might be the best executed!

Reminds me a lot of a Dream (PS4) Game i once played. Don't know how you made this in 48h!

Love the art style!

Loved the recording mechanic!

The art is super good! Great job!


Great game, love it!

Such a big friendship that the voice of one can calm the other! 🤣

The !Oh no! Is just perfect. Great idea, and execution!

Really good game!

Reminds me a lot of katamari damacy but with zombies, and that's pretty epic!

Such a great game. One of my favorites so far!

It also reminds me to Monsters Inc! That's why i love it so much. Thank you for your nice comments, it's going to be a full game, but for free, no need to pay!

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The fact that you managed to have two languages is mind blowing!

Really cool idea, love how you played with the ice mechanic. It was refreshing nonetheless.

Such a cute game! I love it from the start to the end!

love it!

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I liked how you made time  slow down slightly anytime I was near an enemy, gave me enough time to react. Well executed idea, cool game!

Had a good laugh with this game, simple yet wonderful, good job!

This game is really relaxing, the art style is just gorgeous and loved the music too.  Wish it was longer!

More construct 3 users! Really liked the game.

Reminds me a lot of the Bully minigame. Classic and fun!

Great twist on the shoot to move idea! Well done!