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Yeah, I admit the prologue is a bit of a mess at the moment, since it was made very early into the development of the game (q1-ish 2022), and not reflective of my newer writing nor the plot of the story 😅 Unfortunately, I guess first impressions matter! Right now, I am working my head off rewriting and polishing the prologue thanks to yours and everybody else's feedback.

I'd take up your offer of assistance regarding the story, but I encourage you to play beyond the prologue of the game when you have time, so you have an idea of my vision for the game. 

Again, thanks so much for the candid feedback and remarks 👍

heey, thanks so much for taking the time to review the game!

Indeed, I am a bit conflicted on the prologue of the game. It’s mostly comprised of my older writing and I’ve considered axing it entirely. Thanks for your feedback regarding the pacing, I too felt it detracted from the main idea of the story, and gave the game a too slow of start.

Regarding your suggestions, both of them exist within the game settings, under different tabs.

You can change the text auto-forward using the slider below “this is a text sample.” 

You can change the audio of the game in the “sound” tab in the middle. I will update the UI to make it more obvious thanks to your feedback.

I isolated the bug and removed the "konami listener", thanks for letting me know!

I'll be pushing out a new version of the game with the bugfix. If you're still looking to read further into the story and be able to save your game, feel free to download the new version!  will let you know once it's out.

I have to ask, were you able to successfully save the game at any other point in time?  Or was this a hard error and you weren't able to save no matter what? 

Indeed, but I don't really mind since this is a game jam just for fun. I also saw that your game submission fell victim to the same thing, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support ❤️

Ah geez, another one… I am familiar with this bug, it stems from the game being unable to save the state of the keybinds.

haven't really gotten a good opportunity to replicate this bug, but thanks for reaffirming that it exists within the code.

will be squashing it soon 🐞

you found it, didn’t you?

hmm so that bug isn’t an isolated one… I’ll take a look into it, thanks for the report.

no problem, thanks for spreading the word!

you found the extended prologue 👀... i didn't really have the time to proofread it, thanks for pointing those out 

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no worries at all, one of my main goals is to optimize the game to make it more playable for lower-end PCs, something that I've had mixed results doing/testing.

gotta support everyone from our fanbase, no matter what PC they have :D

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The ram and cpu meet the minimum, but your GPU may be causing the issues, for it seems to be very old. Given the fact that the scene you posted uses renpy's model based rendering to color-correct and apply effects to the sprites, I think it may not be playing well with your gpu. I will definitely be adding an option to disable the color correction and sprite effects since it is gpu-dependent.

In the meantime, have you tried integrated graphics, pressing shift+g using the ANGLE2 renderer, or the 32-bit version of the game?

I apologize that ikimashou is a pretty resource heavy vn, and that I overlooked the folks with lower-end PCs. I'll be working on troubleshooting this, thanks for the reportCDN media

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I cannot replicate either one of these bugs,

The first one seems to be either a display issue on your end, as it works perfectly fine on my single-screen laptop, or a issue with renpy not loading the code quickly enough, since the sprites and backgrounds are cut and resized on the fly.

 Not sure if fullscreen or windowed mode causes it, but do keep me updated on the fix you requested from that other person!

The second one is definitely a bug, but a rather isolated one, for it works fine with my laptop. I suspect it may also be a bug with system locales and it messing up the code/filenames in turn.

If you don't mind sharing, what are the specifications of your system used to play the novel? Thanks in advance   

Right here, I guess! Thanks :D 

Hello 👋 

The demo is now out! Thank you for your patience! 

Don’t fret, it will appear very soon…

i’m working on getting voice acting for Claire, once that’s out of the way, the demo will be released, and I’ll personally let you know by replying again :D

Try again later if all the servers are stuck on connecting, they will auto restart under prolonged heavy load

Thanks for your following and kind words, I'm giving this project all my love and tender care 💗

here, have a picture of fox-eared protagonist ⬇️

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Sooo, I'm the developer of "Ikimashou!" a moe slice-of-life visual novel set in Canada. I'm combining Japanese visual novel features such as voice acting, a cute anime art style alongside beautiful backgrounds, with a familiar Canadian setting. Essentially, a slice-of-life visual novel set in Canada, with a super-moe coat of paint over it.

I’ve been working on this project for about a year now, and have finally released a playable demo version! You can get it at the link here: I am seeking feedback as well, since I’ve received very little so far; Please share your thoughts on it!

Below are some screenshots and artwork.

Not available in Japanese yet, this is a proof-of-concept localization.

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Servers should be up now, there will usually be at least 1 online, if it disconnects, try the next one? 

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Hey thought I'd share my WIP visual novel here!

Ikimashou!/Let's Go! is a fluffy slice-of-life visual novel set in the wonderful land of Canada, more specifically in the cities of Montréal, Toronto, & Vancouver! Set off on the ultimate journey across the North, and make lots of friends along the way! It'll be a blast!

You are Zinnia Jackson, a determined & hardworking person residing in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, who moved here around 1 year ago. Life is good, adventures are plenty, friends are few but close, and your job is great! Things keep getting in your way, though. School, parents, curfews (*cough cough*), who knows?! Longing for a happy and independent life, you head out to explore the rest of Canada and what it has to offer. Maybe make a couple friends along the way?

We have a trailer too (it's not done yet though):


  • Explore the cities of Montréal, Toronto, & Vancouver!
  • Full 1920x1080 HD resolution! 
  • Beautiful backgrounds made from actual, real-life photographs! Maybe you'd even be able to tell where it is? Did I mention that there's over 100 of em'?
  • A sugar-sweet story about the power of friendship!
  • Mainly kinetic novel, with minor branches at times.
  • Partial Japanese voice acting!
  • Super-duper adorable kemomimi characters! 

Get it here:

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As per VNDB:

This game has no sexual and real erotic content at all. It may have some small fan services here and there but those would be at a level that you would normally see on an anime on TV.

So, I guess 13+?

Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to apply transform effects to the phone itself? Y'know, moving it to the right of the screen, making it half-transparent, turning it 90 degrees, etc...

Thanks in advance :D

Seems like it's a better idea to tie it to a persistent value and have separate sets of captions for each language, rather than let Renpy's translation function do the work, the captiontool in my game is very buggy regarding the translation function. 

I'm taking a look into this myself and trying to find a way, but I'd like your word on it, thanks :D

textbutton "English" action Language(None), SetField(persistent, "lang", "english")
textbutton "日本語" action  Language("japanese"), SetField(persistent, "lang", "japanese")
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Hi, I've come here to bring up an issue regarding the translation function for the captiontool. Whenever you change the language and change it back, the language captions remain the same...

For example, I selected the test language here. The captions change as intended, but when I change it back to English, they stay the same.

I'm on Ren'py

She'll grow up as the story progresses, going from awkward school dweller to the best traveler there is! 

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Hello, thanks so much for checking out the project! I know, it's kinda odd having Japanese voicing for a novel with a western setting, it all really boils down to me already having found a good set of Japanese voice talent. Zinnia's voice actress is perfect, she even sounds like the vocalist for the novel's theme song, Typhoon Parade!

Also, no adult content. Ever. I am marketing this to as wide of an audience as possible.

The game's actually already packed in an .rpa file. It's just got lots of stuff in it. 

test, test! Is my comment here?