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Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to apply transform effects to the phone itself? Y'know, moving it to the right of the screen, making it half-transparent, turning it 90 degrees, etc...

Thanks in advance :D

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"i want to hug the protag soooo cute" - some person on discord 

Seems like it's a better idea to tie it to a persistent value and have separate sets of captions for each language, rather than let Renpy's translation function do the work, the captiontool in my game is very buggy regarding the translation function. 

I'm taking a look into this myself and trying to find a way, but I'd like your word on it, thanks :D

textbutton "English" action Language(None), SetField(persistent, "lang", "english")
textbutton "日本語" action  Language("japanese"), SetField(persistent, "lang", "japanese")
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Hi, I've come here to bring up an issue regarding the translation function for the captiontool. Whenever you change the language and change it back, the language captions remain the same...

For example, I selected the test language here. The captions change as intended, but when I change it back to English, they stay the same.

I'm on Ren'py

She'll grow up as the story progresses, going from awkward school dweller to the best traveler there is! 

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Hello, thanks so much for checking out the project! I know, it's kinda odd having Japanese voicing for a novel with a western setting, it all really boils down to me already having found a good set of Japanese voice talent. Zinnia's voice actress is perfect, she even sounds like the vocalist for the novel's theme song, Typhoon Parade!

Also, no adult content. Ever. I am marketing this to as wide of an audience as possible.

The game's actually already packed in an .rpa file. It's just got lots of stuff in it. 

test, test! Is my comment here?