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I've read this story a few times since it came out and still find myself thinking about it every couple weeks or so.

It hits different than a lot of short stories, thinking about being a person in a world that doesn't make sense and always feeling like everyone around has it together, but not quite grasping how or why other than they just seem smarter. Asking them "how" or "why" ends up with circular responses that don't amount to much.

I could probably say a million other words about this little story, but rather than flub about with that I'll just say: Thank you so much for writing this!

Of course! I definitely know the feeling of the small jam while maintaining workflow on a larger project as well haha, I'll try my best to give it another look soon as I definitely want to try for a clear and the controls are so satisfying when you start understanding the turning better.

What a blast! By which, I mean, me getting blasted a lot, but still. This is a concept that could be carried a long long way and I thoroughly enjoyed this entry quite a lot.

Quirky and enjoyable with a bit of a learning curve, there's quite a lot of satisfaction in slinging enemies against other enemies and haphazardly swinging a rock around. Somewhere of a cross between Octodad, Carrion, and a traditional roguelike there's a ton of fun to be had with this entry.

Very simple pick up and play, cute art style and quite fun!

Felt like it crawled out of a long lost Amiga demoscene, plenty of modern design aspects meet wholly unique and lovingly archaic controls. I'm hard-pressed to describe this game in any way that actually does it justice, so I'll just say sit down and prepare to spend an afternoon with this one. It's a trip and a half, and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the excellent soundtrack that backs this game, incredibly unique and one I'll definitely have to come back to sometime.

Great concept and really fun to jump between all the different robot bodies, lots of cool potential for interesting strategies and honestly just a unique concept all around. Looking forward to playing more and would easily recommend to anyone looking for a slightly different roguelike experience!

Neat idea that you could end up putting a lot of time into mastering, inventory management was certainly more involved than I thought it would be and I didn't make much headway but I did enjoy this entry all the same

Great aesthetic and cute idea, quite a lot of content for such a quick jam. Really enjoy the personality of this jam and the unique idea presented with the courage and how vision can both help and hinder that, really cool stuff that I'll have to spend some more time exploring!

Totally complete and excellent experience! Takes a small amount of time to get used to the controls and how everything operates, but once you do the game is a pretty brisk and enjoyable little roguelike with a fun premise and an honestly unique upgrade system. Very much enjoyed this entry and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun half hour to kill.

Simple and easy to understand, enjoyable to watch numbers go up. Being able to fast travel to random parts of the map for an HP cost would be a helpful thing, but it's understandable why that may not have made it in for jam constraints. Overall pretty fun, good job!

Very fast paced and fun wander and survive style rogue, easy to pick up and play and easy to understand, cool stuff!

Neat idea! Enjoyed combining all my punks together to make little big circle pit mobs, not fully sure I grasped the idea behind the tomes but was a fun play either way.

Extremely bizarre, but enjoyed watching butts feed on eyeballs while giant cactuses ate their own, and that's definitely worth something. Worth a download just to see the strangeness of it all.

It's Pac-Man and a roguelike, and I'm extremely bad at it! Not to say the game is bad, quite the opposite, very fun little premise that's great for fun short bursts.

Really cool stuff! A nice enjoyable rogue steeped in traditional aspects but with it's own unique identity. Had a blast chainsawing zombies and getting sucked out of the air lock, might come back and play a round or two of this here and there.

Incredibly unique entry, took me a poem to realize I could combine more than one word per line but I can't say I've played anything quite like this. Easy to pick up and play by anyone and very creative in general, great work on this entry!

Neat idea even if you weren't quite able to finish! I like the concept of being able to send 3 characters out into entirely different branches of a dungeon for higher risks and rewards, and it's definitely an idea worth exploring deeper. Some things that would make for a nicer user experience if you choose to continue this project, being able to move all 3 characters at once with a lump command (all up or left or right for faster gameplay), mouse based interface (understandable it didn't quite make it in for a jam) and more detailed character info in the lower left window you can cycle to. Cool entry!

Very cool entry! Could see myself spending a few work breaks here and there just chillin' out and looting some manors. Also appreciate the pure simplicity of the controls and how quick and easy it is to pick up and play with very little knowledge or understanding of the genre, great work!