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Ultra Mareep

A member registered 1 year ago

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Niiice,but don't forget there is also tons of more things to do after the elite4

Created a new topic Focus Sash

If possible to get it ,where?

Magneton evolves in soul cavern i think

Replied to Savordez in Legendaries
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By event legendaries you mean you get the wings in earlier versions?

And an obvious question,where to find arceus?

Well i know that ive already completed almost everything

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Yup,np and actually the final cave is easy to go through but the trainers are really annoying imo

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Now i remember,the real ending is at the final cave,at the final floor

And by speaking to bill with it,i mean that you can only pretty much "use it" before the supposed fist fight..

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b) It is only "usable" to speak to bill to get some info at the "big event",if done you don't need it anymore,I think

c) I don't think so

If you need help to find all the GDildos go here: https://itch.io/t/39878/golden-dildos

Tested it out and had the same crashes

Actually no i don't have one

Yes,but gen 1 and 2 i think can't be found in the wild

Created a new topic Legendaries

Is it possible to get legendaries like Kyogre,Groudon,Lugia,etc..? Cause im trying to complete the pokedex.

It's located in a house in Route 15,and inside it's close to the TV