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This is the perfect example of a retro game done right

Awesome Job :)

8x8 Game Jam community · Created a new topic Continuation?

This jam sounds and looks like a ton of fun, but I missed the deadline as I'm only discovering it today. Will you be hosting a second 8x8 Jam or like a part 2 I can look out for?

Awesome game, I can't wait for future updates!

In the description it mentions making games for "8-bit computers." Do I need a certain computer or virtual machine to run this?

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Hello! I just discovered the "jam" feature of and as the publisher of one game I'm kinda new at this. I was wondering, are text-based games or games that only use text to explain story and action allowed? Also, can you only start working at the start of the 7-day period and if so, how far does the rule go, code, story, or even concept?

Edit: Another thing, how do I submit my creation?

EggGang! Does this mean I won his love?

how would I restart the game? I think it is just closing it and turning it back on right?

Neat concept, but I think it should be Z to decrease and X to increase because it is confusing pressing the right button and the slider moving left and visa versa

How do you kill the enemies?

Are there any game mechanics to it or does it just build a station, also are you also able to build it or only the "AI" that builds the ship. And is there a free demo or something?

I got the demo and its really cool, I played to the part where you had to make the shield generator but I built it wrong and all of my crew died due to lack of oxygen, I've tried restarting the demo and every time before I finish the refining "mission" my meeple die from low oxygen, how do I fix this

I love the twist at the end, great concept for a game

How did you do it?

I was able to figure out most of the game but the one thing I don't understand is what we are supposed to do with the children lying around the map.