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Yeah, Foolish Fire explained the treadmill "bug". I'm not saying that I expect a Jam game to be as polished as a full release game.  It just seems a bit weird that your pixelart and platforming is so well made, but instead of getting some depth into the platforming mechanics. Instead, it's wasted (in my opinion) on joke upgrades that don't change anything of substance. That would be okay if that would go along with mechanical upgrades, but instead it's just jokes that, for me at least, did not land once. Especially when a lot of the upgrade jokes are any combination of useless and annoying. There are also little things like the elevator joke on the side being too far away, so you can only read the last two words, etc.
Add to that the fact that a lot of time is wasted on the players part because you have to wait. Wait for the platforms to get into usefull positions. Wait for the treadmill to move you left. Wait for the elevator. That just destroys any of the pacing you manage to create with the tight controls.

That's the reason why I'm even complaining. Beneath all the jokes that never landed and questionable pacing design, there is beautiful pixel art, great controls and an interesting mechanic in its limitation that might be able to be crafted into level design that webs like a metroidvania by just getting the ability to go right after 2/3 of the game.

Don't like it. The attempted comedy falls flat, the game, while short, still overstays it's welcome because there isn't really anything to do. The platform challenges are uninspired and sometimes buggy (ducking on the treadmill works until just at the end, where you can just randomly die).
The pixelart is definitely the best thing about the game. It's charming and clear. Shame that kind of care seemed to, aside from the art style, go into the completely wrong things instead of making a more engaging and enjoyable experience.

It's a nice little game, though I don't see much of a hack and slash basis. At the moment, it is mainly a puzzle game with enemies as puzzle pieces. This could've been changed if the enemies actually damaged the player or something like that. The one real problem I have with it is that the character is always moving in the north-west direction which is not only a bit jarring, but also a really weird way of moving that doesn't really seem to support the underlying mechanics other than forcing the character to move diagonally and that could have been achieved without that.

It's very simple, but it's fun. Sadly there was never a real need to quickly change from upgrade to upgrade, but it's an interesting idea. Luckily, that's what the Game Jam is looking for, because neither the visuals nor the soundtrack/-effects are to be considered because by God, if I have to hear that damned ice upgrade one more time I'm going to set something on fire.

It's an interesting concept though the execution is lacking. The path you can see before you is quite narrow, so it's very frantic to even play the beginning. Adding to that is the mechanic that you not only have to watch out for cars not hitting your car, but each other. Which is probably the reason for me getting this

quite often. On every ~3rd attempt or so, the game doesn't even let you play because somewhere, two cars you can't even see yet are colliding.

I'd love to see this kind of touch/mouse based racing/driving game for mobile when it's a lot more polished.