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thanks for playing

thanks a lot for playing and feedback... I also agree that later levels should be more puzzeling per se but i did not know how to do that


really nice game, I really enjoyed it... The levels where a bit to hard(at least for  my liking)

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Cool game. Nice job.... I found a problem where the enemies on the thirth setction did not spawn so I was stuck and did not know what to do. Still well done :)

I really like the game and concept. Meaby the sensitibity could be incriesed but still nice job!

I dont know how to play...

Interesting game. I think the level desing was not that good especially the leeps of faith... Still well done

Fun little concepts, i think it will be nice to have feedback if you hitted an enemy with more health. Still well done

I quite enjoined the game. Well done!

Thanks :)

thanks, it also turned around multiple times me while play testing but I did not know how to fix it 

cool, thanks for responding and I’m glad you found the jam fun!

Cool game. I like the concept and the art, well done

I loved this game it was super cool...

- i also found some bugs:

1) The player can die when they reach the end of the level

2) if you shoot at the tob of the block near the spike the block will cover the spike

Nice game. It would have been cool if you could acttually finish it... Oh well sometimes this things happen

Cool concept. I had a problem where i could not see the enemy. Still well done

Interesting concept nice job!

Cool game. But the gameplay does not keep the player engaged for the whole levels since it fells a bit boring, I think adding some music could help to combat that. Still well done for submitting a game on 48 hours

I dont really get the point of the game... Meaby you could add a turtorial or something in the description. Still well done for completing it in 48hours

Cool game. Well done

Awsome game, well done

Nice job with the art and gamplay. This is not that bad for a first game jam, well done

This game is super cool! somethings i would suggest to improve is that the screen is super large and you should put some checkpoints around the map so the player is not spwaned in the beggining again and again

Nice game i really like the artstyle however the when colliding the camera just goes crazy. Still well done

This is a cool game, the art style reminds me of limbo. Well done!


Nice job, the game was done very well. I really like the mechanic. It will be really nice if you could add a risk- reward thing for the posion parts

cool conceptI think you spented way to much time on the art becuase the game lacks a lot of content and music

I like the animations, the thing is which genre is it mixing? It does not make sense with the theme. Still nice job doing this in 3 hours for 3 games(even thought i dont reccomment doing that)

This is a pretty interesting idea even thought it was a bit hard to get used to, well done

thansk :)

thanks for playing. I thought of adding more levels but I will have to add more puzzle mechanics to keep it engaging however I could not think of any or I scrapped it 

thanks for your suggestion I was going to add a new puzzle element where bullets target could be diverted but i found some problems and scrapped it

I quite enjoied the agme, well done Vimlark... Also I really like your videos and you are one of the reasons i got into game development, thanks you.

I quite like this game well done...

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This is a cool idea. I think that you could add more spells and if they are i just dont know how to equip them... Never mind I did not look the description lol

Nice game

I really liked this game, it reminded me of the wario ware games... I think that if there were more minigames this will be a great game to play

The idea was super cool and i like the dead cells like art style... 

Just for you to know Unity has this feautre of Get.Axis("Horizontal") and Get.Axis("Horizontal") . these allow you to move the player in the x and y axis registering the controls of WASD and the arrow keys... This makes it so that you dont have to put in the input action for every move key.

The idea is really cool, well done