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find mods from the discord server:
from the channel #mods

already exists.

it's called "servers"

Yes you can.

you dont, but you can increase it's capacity

That's quite great! I'll try to follow with the progress while i can. <3

Was bored and searched up "sandbox physics" on YouTube, then i found your video. It's quite nice actually, but i dont think performance would be that great on weak computers. Still, keep up the good work.

Check #multiplayer if im not mistaken on the Mindustry discord server here:

...of course.

But do you like trains?

That's sadly not in the game.
Would love it if it existed.

It does. But if you are trying to extinguish a large body of oil that is on fire, i'm pretty sure you are going to have a bad time. Literally.

I don't think it's possible.

I actually don't know if the Wave turret extinguishes fire from the environment.
I'll check it in a bit.

I don't think it's possible.

Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS if i'm not mistaken.

Thanks for the support!
And yeah, it's quite unfortunate that you can't share save files from PC to mobile. :(

Go to #maps at the Mindustry discord server here:

Donations are optional, but thanks for your support. ;)

I don't know if it's possible or not. You could ask in #help on the Mindustry discord server here:

Thank you for your support of the game. ;)

Dunno what you mean, but thanks for your support for the game :D

Nice. :ok_hand:

I'm glad you like the game. :D
If you want to support the game even further, I would recommend joining the Mindustry Discord server.

You can go to the Mindustry Discord server for active servers which are in 4.0.

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Go to the Mindustry Discord server to get help how to setup a public server. This also requires port forwarding.
Edit: Woops i forgot to add the link,

In the Mindustry Discord server.

Sorry, But theres no active 3.5 servers. But only 4.0 servers. You can get their server IP at the Mindustry Discord server.

In the Mindustry Discord server. But if your in version 4.0, Its not possible to download maps. (yet)
If your in 3.5, Here is the link to the Discord server:
And also, go to the channel #maps after you joined the server.

You can get help in the Mindustry Discord server. Here is the link.

Are you in the latest unstable build in Mindustry? (Version 4.0, Build 52)
If your not in the latest unstable build, Go to the Downloads page. It should be easy to find it.

Did a crash log appear in your screen/folder? If so, Go to the Mindustry Discord server to send a bug report to Anuke. Discord:

If you want to be notified when the 4.0 update will be launched, You may consider joining his Discord server.

You'll need to build "unit" pads. Or ill just simply call them drone pads. All these drones require silicone plus with additional materials.

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This is not a glitch, this is intentional. (This may change sometimes... You can go check there Discord server for more information.)

it got deleted due to the insane overhaul of the gameplay, its not even helpful anymore, or simply outdated.